impaired driving question.

A friend of mine has recently received a 90 day suspension and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days. He claims that he has never been pulled over for the same offence before. Is this a normal punishment for a first time  offender, or is he not telling me the whole story?



This is the mandatory penalty for any driver who provides a "fail" (more than 100 mg% or 0.10) breath sample at the roadside under BC's current Immediate Roadside Prohibition program.

This is a Motor Vehicle Act offence rather than one under the Criminal Code and applies to first timers.

He appears to be telling you the whole story, except perhaps that with this BAC he knew darn well that he should not have been driving in the first place.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply.

Not too sure why people drink and drive these days. I had no idea that the laws are this way now. Lucky for me, I don't drink and drive!! It is just not worth the risk.

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