READING - Drinking and Driving Symposium 2012

TIRF New LogoThe Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) and the Centre for Responsible Drinking are pleased to release the proceedings of the Drinking and Driving Symposium 2012 held in Ottawa, Ontario on May 17th, 2012. This event attracted more than 70 attendees representing 9 jurisdictions across Canada.

The Symposium highlighted a range of strategies used in Canada’s impaired driving framework as well as explored lessons learned from the implementation of a wide range of interventions. Speakers shared their experiences drawn from private, public and community approaches to increase awareness of the risks and change driver behaviours. Speakers included leading academics in research fields relating to driver behaviour, members of law enforcement, educators, legal experts, government representatives and community leaders.

The proceedings describe the various components of Canada’s impaired driving framework and contain eight priority recommendations that arose from discussions. It also briefly highlights some of the scientific evidence to provide context for these recommendations.



I'm for Zero Tollerance.

For more than one reason. First it would eliminate people entertaining the thought " have I had too much, will I pass a road test?"  Knowing even one drink is too many makes it clear cut, and then it would also eliminate Lawyers getting DIU off on technicalities like .008 compared to .007 or .005 compared to .004, something a Laywer can raise doubt with in court. How a DUI Laywer sleeps at night is beyond me in these cases. Even one drink starts to effect your ability, so why allow any is my viewpoint, I know I will take flack from drinkers for suggesting this but have at it.

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