BC Bad Driver of the Week 4

This incident takes place in the northbound lanes of Highway 19 at Northfield Road in Nanaimo. The black pickup approaches in the right turn lane appearing to be turning right. Switching to the front camera view reveals that the pickup driver has decided not to wait with everyone else at the red light and slide through on the right shoulder between waiting traffic and the traffic islands. It was probably a bit of a surprise for the driver in the acceleration lane on the north side of the intersection too.


What the flying truck?!

That is simply unacceptable, no error there, not even a signal.

Behavior like this must be discouraged with all the strength of the law. Throw enough tickets at this so the license is pulled. This is inexcusable; and if let to continue will encourage others to follow. Actions like these happen in 3rd world countries - and the result is the abysmal road death toll and the collision records.

For anything to change ...

... it will first be necessary for the cops to actively and continuously monitor intersections - which is where most collisions occur - and start ticketing for all the infractions that happen there.

Of course, for that to happen, they would have to leave the radar alone for a while, and the withdrawal might be too painful.  Pardon my cynicism.

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