Q&A - Left Turn When Vision Blocked

Q&A ImageI am heading north and making a left turn at an intersection to the west side. On my opposite side in the intersection to my north there is a big truck heading south making a left turn to the east side. The truck is blocking me from seeing the cars passing it on the opposite side in the passing lane.

The car behind me keeps honking me to make the left turn and the driver shouts "Go! Go!"

How should I proceed to make my left turn? I can't see the cars that will be passing the big truck on the opposite side.

Should I proceed by angling my car slightly in front of the big truck and try and glance to see if there are any cars coming up from the lane beside the big truck? This will block traffic if the big truck makes its left turn and the cars behind it aren't turning left also and go straight?


If you can't see, you can't go.

Absolutely no point in taking a chance. Ignore the inconsiderate driver behind you and wait until you can see before you go. Never angle your vehicle or turn your front wheels in anticipation. If you are struck from behind it will push you out into the oncoming lane.

Even though oncoming traffic has a duty to yield to you and let you turn, never rely on this. Chances are excellent that if you can't see them, they can't see you. If you proceed and are struck you will likely be involved in a "T-bone" type collision, one of the worst for producing serious injury or death.

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