Is it illegal to drive while using a cell phone in British Columbia?

Effective January 1, 2010 British Columbia is implementing rules prohibiting the use of hand held communication devices while driving. Please read to learn more.


3 Years Later

I Saw on Global BC TV last night,talking of the 3rd year of the Distracted Driving Law,and that it has Decreased the Numbers.

They said and showed a quick clip of motorists,,and Even said that they had not seen anyone in the HOUR they say they were there.Where in the WORLD??? did they set UP,,I am wondering,I still can,t make it more that a MINUTE or TWO while Walking in my SMALL TOWN,,,Without seeing Over and Over,Drivers with their Cell in Their hand,,up against there Ear While Driving,or see them texting still.

Yes 2013 here too!  I see maybe a Minute Improvment here,Like to see them set up anywhere here for an HOUR and get those same Results,I Garantee the results would be DIFFERENT.

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