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Dark, raining, going home at the end of the day traffic, a lane change leaving very little room and then, to top it all off, the driver puts the brakes on. A lot of adjectives come to mind when I try to describe this inconsiderate person but I will leave it at that. If you are going to make a lane change in conditions like this at least leave a 3 to 4 second gap between you and the driver behind. If you are forced to brake for some reason after finishing the lane change, everyone has a good chance of avoiding any difficulty.




A death wish

They do this even closer when they cut in front of a fully loaded Super-B Semi 63,500 kg, to the point they almost hit my front bumper, it's amazing to watch over & over. And if they slam on their brakes after cutting in front of me and I can't avoid them, I am fully prepared to have a new hood ornament as the laws of physics can't be changed, and I refuse to risk an inocent life to avoid the obvious totally clueless vehicle with the death wish that just took away my safe braking distance I had before hand. Thanks for dash cams:-)

Bad, inconsiderate drivers

I too carry a Class 1 .... and 6 license.  At least when using the Class 6, I have the braking and accereration ability to stay clear of these idiots .... and I only nee 2 feet of road with to avoid them.

But when using the Class 1, I'm with you C 1 D.  I haven't had to use it yet, but I'm told that a Dash Cam video may explain things to a Police Officer and/or an ICBC adjuster .... but it's not admissable evidence in court.  Can you please comment Tim?


Dash cam video can also be admissible in court, like any other evidence, as long as its origins can be verified. An example of this might be me producing video evidence from my truck's dash cam. I would testify that my dash cam at a certain place and time took the following video. I am producing the SD card that was written to by the camera, this is the video that is on it and I confirm that the video taken is what I saw in that instance and I have not modified the video file in any way. As long as the judge finds that I am truthful and the video is part of the incident at trial, they can take notice of it as evidence.

Mine shows

Time, Date, GPS Location & my speed right on the video, it also keeps track of all that on a file. I was thinking if anything actually did happen I would offer to hand over my dash cam to the police for them to download rather than me doing it. I have no idea if this is an option as I have never been in a crash, I'm just fully prepared to be in one every time I drive, physics dictates over skill at a certain point. Just lucky I always expect the worst from every driver and start adjusting in the event they do slam on their brakes or their tranny locks up or the countless other possabilities they fail to take into account.

I Would Not Hand Over The Camera

If you do, it could be a very long time before you see it again.

I would only hand over the memory card myself, if that. Depending on the situation I might even keep my mouth shut at the scene as to the presence of the video. I would then make a copy and hand it over after the fact.


Ah so.  I gather that a Dash Cam that records GPS coordinates, date, time and speed would make the evidence much more credible than those which only record pictures.

A group of us were discussing "Road Rage" this morning.  One fellow suggested to, at the very least, record what you can with a Smartphone.  Sounded good to me ....

But I think that putting people's cell phone numbers on license plates would be a great idea.  It removes the "anonyminity" factor.

I Would Not Hand Over The Camera

Good point.  I recall an incident last summer where a young fellow on a motorcycle was waved into a radar check on the SFPR in Delta.  They probably had him for 10 to 15 over ...

But the Delta Police officer spotted a Go-Pro camera and asked to see it. He handed it over and the officer saw some nice pictures of the bike speedometer at 217 kph just a bit earlier.

Guess who was walking home!

OK,,, Thanks:-)

I was thinking just the card afterwards, but after you say that maybe just keep the card seperate until after court.

I have nothing to hide was my mentality, I don't speed & follow all the laws as humanly possible always, they could track me by satellite every time I drive for all I care, would be a good witness:-)

Not Hiding

It has nothing to do with hiding and everything to do with preventing inconvenience for you. Being somewhat aware of the system from the other side I could see where you might be, despite all good intentions.


I will keep the card seperate if something ever happens, that way it can be double checked. Letting them check my whole card later would be no problem though, correct?

I was also saying I have nothing to hide to Hawk's comment as well, about the motorcycle getting caught doing 217 km/hr if they looked back on the rest of my recordings, they wouldn't find anything on mine.

Bad drivers

Drivers here in Winnipeg start to pull in your lane and force you to slow so they can get in the lane. I've missed many acidents only because I drove a commercial vehicle for twenty odd years in all weather. You seem to get a feeling for the lunatics about to cut you off, like a sixth sense but it will only save you so many times. Wet roads are tricky, but snow packed are crasy, many people don't realize how close they came to dying from their own stupidity.

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