Illegal Left Turn

On Friday August 5th, 2016 at approximately 3:45pm, a black Jeep Liberty made an illegal left turn from the left eastbound lane of Hastings (not the left turning lane)into the right lane of the north Cassiar.

At this time there was significant traffic due to a motorcycle accident northbound on the Iron Workers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge. Vehicles in the left hand turning lane were lined up for over two blocks and would wait an average of 20 or more minutes to make this left hand turn.

The female driver of the Jeep Liberty specified previously, made this illegal turn to cut in front of many other drivers.

When I made my left turn into the left lane of Cassiar, my car was situated next to her car. At this time my young granddaughter politely commented to the driver that her actions were rude and unfair as we had all been waiting at least 20 minutes to make this turn.

Rather than apologizing for her actions, she screamed back profanities and threatened my granddaughter that she would rip her in two if she were to exit the vehicle.

99.9% of Vancouver drivers in a stressful situation like this behave in a patient and courteous manner and expect others to behave in the same way. Therefore, this female drivers behavior was very alarming and upsetting.

I would like this matter to be attended to in the appropriate fashion, and I am willing to testify in court to her driving offense and abusive behavior.

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