Just Barely Missed Causing a Crash

Driver passing on a solid line and my husband had to slow down and pull to the side a little because the van sped passed us and the vehicle in front had to pull over because the van almost collided with the oncoming car. He just barely made it back into the lane. Vehicle is speeding.

Too many vehicles speeding

In the passing zones on the right making it impossible to lawfully pass them on the safe stretch of road intended for that purpose. If I'm in a slow driving mood, especially at night, I make it a point to slow down well BELOW the speed limit, at least 20km/h below next to the passing lane so that anyone catching up to me can zoom past safely and freely and continue on their merry way unscathed.

Problem is the overall pace - those with the slower pace need to resolve themselves to maintain it through all stretches - curves and straights. If somebody catches up to you - it is not unreasonable to assume that they would like to continue moving at the pace they have been at for the last while.

It's best to recognize those vehicles that are traveling faster than you and accommodate them through the safest passing sections, rather than race to block their pass then slow down to your usual pace through the corners - because now you got a steaming tailgater on your bumper - or a crazy person making an unsafe pass through the on-coming lane into a blind corner.

Great on your husband for noticing the upcoming conflict and pulling over to make sure everyone is safe, that's each driver's lawful duty by the way; so what about your husbands' speed through the passing lanes - 10+ probably, like most? Think if this situation could have been preempted earlier.

vehicle speeding

Too many drivers on BC roads drive at excessive speeds and take risks , putting innocent people in danger. The BC Government has increased speed limits , focused on slow drivers in left lanes and the result is many more crashes, injuries and deaths.

The BC goverenment have rejected photo radar and not provided enough funding for education and conventional radar and enforcement. Ten Thousand new drivers and no new high way patrol officers!

Thankfully you were lucky that the speeding driver did not hit you. Far too many are not so lucky on BC roads.

  If your point is that BC


If your point is that BC needs more enforcement then I agree with you.

If I remember the statistics correctly, on roads with increased speed limits many had no change in accident rates, some had increased rates and a few even had decreased accident rates.  I wouldn't think that getting slow drivers out of the left lane would contribute to an increase in accidents though.


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