NEWS - Passenger Transportation Board Denies Uber Expansion in BC

Passenger Transportation Board logoDoes Uber fall under road safety and traffic law? I'm not so sure, but I was asked to comment on the recent decision by B.C.'s Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) to deny Uber access to other parts of our province. The writer contends that not having access to Uber is a threat to personal safety that is contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Consider this day in particular as a reference to the urgent need for safe reliable and accessible transportation options for citizens. IMHO if it’s a provincially appointed ministry paid independent tribunal board regards to provincial laws, denying some British Columbians access to Uber while allowing others access is really a violation of our basic human rights to safe accessible mobility. And just when the public transportation was reduced 15%? It’s negligence causing bodily harm right?

FYI I couldn’t rent a car this summer when my Kia engine caught on fire (international recalls that never makes it in the news either), the airport was shutdown as well, so essentially I had no way out in an emergency and no way to get around safely in the heat and breathing intense smoke unless I took a cab (cost me $175 to go to bank, grocery store and the local church for a vaccination as well!).

Legislation that causes harm just to control the flow of $ for corporate budget maintenance, yet spending $750 / day / board member to make another ignorant denial using reduced ridership (ummm of course there was because of covid and fires and ???).

Anyways I’m less than pleased, Kia is in the shop again and I waited 2 hours for a taxi yesterday, I can’t even imagine what the taxi availability is today?

The decision being referred to is outlined here. It's 29 pages long so there is a fair amount of reading to gain a complete understanding.

I am unable to comment from experience so I will leave it up to you to read the decision and decide for yourself. If you wish to post a comment but don't want a user account, simply use the contact form and e-mail it to me. I'll add it here for you.

As an aside, Transport Canada maintains a database on vehicle recalls so that the public can search on their own to make sure that all recalls announced for their vehicle have been carried out. Many vehicle manufacturers provide public access to recall information on their websites as well.


My 'Uber' experience is vicarious.

I never use them, and so I can only make subjective observations about how 'they' typically drive.

But I'm not convinced that any of these drivers are any better than the majority of cab drivers these days, probably worse. And that's saying something, if you think about it.

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