Q&A - Driving With One Arm in a Sling

Q&A ImagePlease can you tell me if driving a car with uninjured LEFT arm crossing body to work gear stick, (NOT automatic car) and WITHOUT a suicide knob fitted, with one's arm in a sling due to separated shoulder Level 3, IS IT ILLEGAL? ICBC seem to think it is OK to do. I think it is another accident waiting to happen. Please help, people need to know.


Driving While Control Obstructed

Unless a driver was operating a vehicle designed to accommodate operation with only the left hand, I would consider this section of the Motor Vehicle Act to use in issuing them a ticket:

Requirements for moving vehicle

195 (1) A person must not cause a vehicle to move on a highway if

(a) the control of the driver over the driving mechanism of the vehicle, or

(b) the view of the driver to the front or sides of the vehicle is obstructed.

If the person were to commit a driving error because of it, I would consider adding the offence to the above when I wrote the ticket.

This is not to say that a one armed person cannot drive, just that they must take steps to use a vehicle or modifications that would allow them to move the vehicle safely. I doubt that the situation you describe is safe, just as you do.

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