RESOURCE - Professor Trainboat's Feltham Village Project

Professor TrainboatOur world is built to accomodate the automobile. It often seems that other road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, are either a second thought or not thought of at all in the quest to keep motor vehicles rolling. It may be that this focus also affects the outlook of drivers when they do or don't choose to accomodate others using our highways. Many ask that this be remedied but few take an active role in the solution.

Matt Boyd's Professor Trainboat blog examines his home neighbourhood known as Feltham Village in Saanich, B.C. Matt is an urban/transit planner who has "decided to create my own ideas on how to make my neighbourhood healthier, happier and more liveable. Better for people, not their automobiles." To that end, he thought he would help out by suggesting 25 simple ways to improve the Feltham Village to make the area healthier, happier and more livable.

The blog is carefully thought out, to the point and helpful to the municipality. If you visit, perhaps you might be inspired to do the same for your neighbourhood.


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