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I live on a busy street, across the road is a moving company'. A 25' stretch of street parking on my side of the road. The 50' and longer moving trucks park at the slope or end of the slope of my driveway so they can squeeze into the little parking area, sometimes even partially blocking my driveway. The trucks there for 5 minutes or more so the drivers can process their paper work.

The trucks are tall and wide and since my vision is limited it forces me to make an unsafe exaggerated turn to exit onto the road. When the trucks park on the other side of my driveway at the bus stop, which they are not allowed to do I am unable to see oncoming traffic or the traffic light, still unsafe to exit my driveway. At times the trucks have completely blocked my driveway. During the busy moving season the large moving trucks park on the opposite side of the road on the sidewalk which has a yellow line. So when there is a truck on my side and one across the road it is ridiculous. A few times I had to wait up to 20 minutes to be able to leave or enter my driveway. I phoned the police and it took over an hour for them to arrive, I phoned the bylaw officer, he was not in, I talked to the moving company and have been told that they have no control over the out of town drivers, or they just do not answer the phone.

I have been advised by the municipality that the trucks are allowed to park right at the edge of my driveway. I have been told I need to go the other direction in which I am heading, I have been told I need to be more patient with this matter. I have been told my lack of visability due to the truck size is something that cannot be dealt with. Do I have any rights in this matter.

Limited Vision - Autonomous Vehicles

I am interested in learning how autonomous vehicles would perform in the situation.

Ditto for current vehicles equipped with backup or 360 degree cameras.


Where Does This Happen?

Could I get the address of the moving company please? 

Limited Vision


I don't really want to give out the name of the moving company at this point in time. I was just wondering if I had any rights in this matter.

Rights? How about Legalities?

While I sympathize with your situation, you can't expect the owner of this site to assist you without more information.

Suggest you look up the Motor Vehicle Act & MVA Regulations as to where a person can, or cannot, stop or park a vehicle (that's the Provincial legal aspect, probably enforced by your local RCMP or Municipal force). Take photos, make phone calls, send emails, etc requesting that they enforce the law.

Depending on where you live, there may also be local Bylaws, which could enhance your legal standing; parking within a certain proximity to a driveway would likely fall under this type of jurisdiction. And again, depending on where you live, there may be Bylaws Officers who would be pleased to attend and ticket as appropriate; this has worked for me, in my neighbourhood.


Thank You


My apologies for not being clear, I was just looking for my rights using bylaws set by BC not legal advice.

I have done all the suggestions you have recommended. The bylaw office and police are involved. I have a copy of the bylaws for my municipality, several pictures of trucks and plates. The bylaw states you cannot block a driveway but does not say anything about proximity to driveway or lack of vision.

I understood that the municiplalties based their regulations on the guidelines set out by BC. I am looking for a bylaw or regulation for BC that gives an actual distance from the edge of a driveway you must park and possibly covers the restricted vision as a starting point. I checked Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt bylaws and they all say the same thing, that you cannot block the driveway and that is all, plus there is nothing covering restricted vision issues. 

I feel I am not looking in the right area of the regulations as it must be covered somewhere.


Still Need Your Location

Since you are only covered by one parking bylaw, and bylaws are specific to the place that you live, without knowing where you live it's pretty tough to guess which bylaw might be the one you need.

Hard to Say

Mostly because I cannot see the circumstances or know what municipality you are in without an address to visit with Google Street View.

It also tactfully avoided having to ask you for your address.

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