Please Report This for Me

Today, at about 14:20hrs, driving east bound (in the left-hand lane, doing the posted max.) on Hwy#1, between 264th St. & Mt. Lehman exit, a commercial vehicle (Manitoba plate # PB2 385; TransX cab # 85525) came speeding up behind me, until he was tail-gating me, I put on my 4 way flashers, and waved him to back-off, with my left arm, out the window. He pulled into the right /passing lane, went past me, and pulled-into the left-hand lane, in front of me, so close that I had to slam on my brakes, to avoid being hit. Please forward a copy of this to both TRANSX and ICBC - I believe such dangerous, aggressive drivers need to be pulled-off the road and retrained, or lose their license.

Keep right except to pass

Enough said?

Keep right except to pass?

Well, he must have been waiting to pass.  This always happens to me too.  I am 10 km above the max limit.  Speeders come so fast and tailgate me for a while.  Now I have little window to move over to the right and back to left again but these speeders don't have to have big room.  They would go right and immediately come infront of you which is not safe.  

Bottom line, we need to discaurage these speeders!  

Doesn't matter how fast you are, you are always slower for the speeders.  

Don't encourage speeders and give safe drivers ticket!!



You Must Do This Yourself

I won't do anything like this as I was not there to see what happened. It is up to you to report this to the police/company/ICBC.

Part of the problem here is that you should have moved out of his way unless you were preparing to make a left turn. I have written an article on Left Lane Blockers here on the site. That said, you not moving out of the way in no way justifies what you say that the driver did.

If you don't wish to report the incident to the police, then the only suggestion that I have apart from notifying TransX is to contact Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement at their 24 Hour Telephone Number: Report Commercial Vehicle Safety Violations (province-wide) 1-888-775-8785.

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