RV Trailer Conversion Question

I am looking into turning a 7x14 camping trailer into a enclosed trailer for a food trailer/ mobile catering unit.

I am looking for all proper regulations I must comply with to adhere my current project/goals.

I just recently moved to British Columbia and looking at getting assistance with direction on who to contact in regards of this information.

Initial Suggestions for Consideration

Chances are good that you won't be doing anything to the exterior beyond perhaps opening up a new window. As long as it is structurally sound and you don't touch lights and reflectors the only consideration that I can think of from the Motor Vehicle Act / Regulations point of view would be weight. You cannot exceed the current GVW without involving engineers and re-certification.

After that it would be things like ICBC for proper re-registration and insurance, the BC Safety Authority for electrical / pressure fuel certification and perhaps the health people. It would be nice to make sure they are on board with your plans before you get started.

You could even give some consideration to contacting the trailer manufacturer to see if they would advise on your plans. No doubt you will have to consider placement of equipment to maintain balance and tongue weights.

There may be more to this than I have considered as well.

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