What if You WANT to do the Speed Limit?

What advice do you have when driving in heavy traffic that is averaging 25 to 30 km. over the posted speed?  I was crossing Lake Okanagan bridge a few days ago  in the right lane and if I went 15 to 20 km. over the 60 km. limit I was by far the slowest vehicle and had other vehicles tailgating me, and giving me looks that suggested I should go even faster!  I don’t like to hold up traffic but how should one deal with that situation without causing a problem?

Why is this site allowing people to bicker back-and-forth?

Firstly, my response to the question about holding up traffic is just to use common sense. As posted, if you can pull over and let people pass, do so. However, it's likely you'll end up in the same situation when the next group comes up on you and you'll have to pull over again. There's no need to be that polite. I find it a bit hard to believe that EVERYONE is doing 25 to 30 km over though. So what if they're giving you looks anyway? Let them pass you while you're driving at a comfortable speed, keep back and hopefully they'll get nailed in radar and you can drive by and give them a look. You're hardly holding up traffic if you are doing the maximum posted speed limit.

Secondly, why is this site allowing people to bicker? It kind of reduces the credibility of the information here if people are allowed to do this.

Light Hand

I am reluctant to outright censor posts but have suggested that one be reworded before I allowed it to be seen. Instead, I have "spoken" to those involved and suggested that it was probably best to state their position civilly and then move on. I'm not sure how that will work but we'll see.

I have given the situation some consideration and see parallels with what happens in traffic (and probably the rest of life). Correct or not, drivers will do what they see as being proper and sometimes resist any change in that viewpoint regardless of the source of the information or how it is put to them.

Unfortunately I can only see limited options for myself. Either I disable comments entirely which might mean that there are no checks on what I post as content. I can lead by example and hope that after asking politely the bickering subsides. The option that I have not taken is to ignore it.

What would you suggest?

How to travel at the speed below the average speed of traffic:

1. Stay in the right lane
2. Signal and pull over on to the shoulder once 5 vehicles line up behind you
3. Slow down in passing zones to below the speed limit - so that everyone who was lined up can pass and be out of your hair sooner.

I think one of the problems on BC highways with passing is that those vehicles that stay below speed limit in the single-lane stretches (turns and curves) inexplicably speed up (often above the posted limit) in the double-lane passing zones. This forces all passing vehicles to pass at "excessive" speed and shortens the time-frame for safe passes (since the passing zone is only some kilometers long).

Partially correct

On your #2, you say once 5 vehicles lined up behind you signal and pull over to the shoulder. That isn't correct and could lead to a collison. You need to find a "Safe" place to pull over to allow the traffic by, not just pull over to the shoulder once 5 vehicles are behind you, many 2 lane Hwy's have narrow shoulders so your advice could prove dangerous, and you failed to clarify that's only on a 2 lane Hwy, if your on a 4 lane Hwy and your in the right lane with 5 vehicles behind you, well then they can pull into the left lane to pass, no need to find a safe spot to pull over.

I agree at passing lanes the person that was holding up traffic many times does speed up rather than slowing down to allow traffic by. But you are "Completly Wrong" in saying,,,,,,,, "This forces all passing vehicles to pass at "excessive" speed and shortens the time-frame for safe passes (since the passing zone is only some kilometers long)."

No one is "Forcing" anyone into "Excessive Speeding" That is completely the "Choice" of the driver that allows emotion to dictate how they drive, rather than common sense and proper safe driving knowledge.

Sure the driver holding up traffic then speeding up at passing lanes is being a jerk, but once you allow the jerk to effect your driving and you start "Dangerous Driving" just so you can get by, makes you just as much of a jerk as the other driver. 2 wrongs while operating motor vehicles often lead to crashes, injuries & death.

All valuable suggestions!

Also I forgot to mention for when you are pulling-over safely :

- Shoulder check
- Give signal
- Press brake pedal (the wide one) to first slow down - then stop
- Put on the handbrake once stopped
- Switch to park position (if driving automatic)

As well - when out of the car:

- Wipe with toilet tissue every time
- Don't run with scissors
- Respect your elders, even if they refuse to take their meds...
(especially if they don't take their meds...)

Thanks every one, xoxo

Yours Truly,

Cptn. Obvious

Why so testy?

Not so obvious to some drivers I see is all, Some drivers do some pretty dangerous actions to what might seem obvious to you.

For instance claiming to being forced into dangerous driving because of someone else's bad driving, when to me that's very obvious the wrong & dangerous way to drive.

Not testy at all, comparatively ;)

Just making sure that everyone is safe and attentive!

I don't just obliviously "follow the law" and pretend to be an immovable object on the roads. Not certain how it is for all others, but some even create forum threads to figure out an amicable way to drive in accordance to law, not that you would find or agree that people don't drive exactly by the rules out there.

And how do you even define dangerous - its just such a "beauty in the eye of the beholder" thing nowadays: Driving on shoulders? On-coming lanes? 1 click over the limit? 10 minute short from getting an 8 hour sleep? What would you say is dangerous?

I say its the result, not the strategy that determines the final judgement.

I have just seen many

Vehicles on 2 lane roads not completely pulled off the road talking on their cell phones, even around blind corners, far from safe, especially when 2 semi's coming towards each other, as why I like to be clear is all.

What I find dangerous is your comment,,,,, "I think one of the problems on BC highways with passing is that those vehicles that stay below speed limit in the single-lane stretches (turns and curves) inexplicably speed up (often above the posted limit) in the double-lane passing zones. This forces all passing vehicles to pass at "excessive" speed and shortens the time-frame for safe passes (since the passing zone is only some kilometers long)."

Your far from alone, as I see this dangerous driving behaviour all the time, a safe passing speed is the speed limit in ideal conditions. What is dangerous is passing at "Excessive Speed" and like I said, no one is "Forcing" drivers to drive dangerously, that is their choice to risk their and everyone elses lives around them just to get by, it's very selfish driving as well.

Sure sure...

Nobody forces people to stand on the right on escalators - no law about it. Nor anyone is forced to hold open a door for somebody at a public place. Nobody forces anyone to do anything (almost) - this is the free world after-all...

You have got to be familiar with the concept of tact and courtesy - right? When you don't exercise either - you are forcing people around you - be it on the road, on the street, or in the on-line discussion.

My comment is dangerous? There's a lot more danger in stating that dangerous driving begins at 1 click over, or attacking lawyers, instructors, engineers and commenters with straw-man arguments. Or pretending to be infallible and fault-free in all of the (over 3 dozen) years of driving; or demanding an end to the due process; or propagating stamps and myths that do nothing to affect the intrinsic safety on the roads and everything to extract revenue from masses.

So wheres the real danger? Is it in stating the best honest representation of reality or perpetuating the "party-line" devoid or inverted from the real world connection?

At the end this is only a philosophical discussion, because as you boldly state your perfect record and as my driving record isn't all too bad (not as extensive) neither you or me are the biggest issue on the roads - and no matter what either of us state anywhere in the driving-related net-sphere the real ignorants will never see either of our view-points.

Simple, follow the law.

It makes no difference if your the only one following the law, (speed limit) especially when you are in the correct right lane. All the speeders are the ones breaking the law and risk getting tickets and points, and the tailgaters are also the drivers breaking the law risking getting a ticket and points. Let them look at you anyway they like, you are the safe driver following the law, who cares what they think.

I always find this where ever I go, as I never speed, if I am on a 1 lane each direction hwy at the speed limit and start getting a string of traffic behind me and no passing lane coming anytime soon, I will find the safest place to pull of to the right and let them by me, if there is a passing lane coming I will slow down once I get there to allow the speeders by. The reason being is not that I agree with them speeding, but no sense getting the speeders mad as then they become even more unsafe on the road.

If I am on a 2 lane or more and I am in the right lane, then that is their problem if they don't like me following the law. If they want to tailgate me well then I just start slowing down, as now the road conditions are no longer ideal, which means I have to slow down to lessen the saverity of a crash should one happen. If they one finger salute me on the way by, I just ignore them, why should their bad driving effect me, I know better.

Never allow bad drivers to intimidate you when your driving by the law, just remember they are the unsafe law breakers risking points & fines, not you.

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