VIDEO - Why You Need to Clean ALL the Snow Off Your Vehicle

video iconIt's easy to be lazy and just clean the windows of your vehicle in snowy weather. Leaving a little light snow to blow off isn't a big deal. However, when the snow is left there and turns into ice, the result of having a chunk of it blow off at speed can be serious. In this video a large chunk shatters the windshield of the vehicle following behind. Imagine what it might have done to an unlucky pedestrian.


Now Imagine....

For those drivers that tail gate semi's, or even as you catch & pass one.  My guess is 90% or more of semi drivers never climb up to check the roof of their trailers after snow falls, imagine the slabs of ice that shake loose on the bumps and then at speed they blow off, I have seen this many times. This video shows off the roof of a tiny vehicle, so just incase you never thought of what can come off the top of a semi trailer this is a heads up, you may never think of it because you can't see that high, outa sight outa mind as they say.

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