Q&A - Proper Licence Plate Display

motorcycleI have a 2007 harley can I mount my license plate on the left side on the axel bolt . It will also be well lighted.?



No, sorry, you cannot do this. The plate has to be at the rear of the machine.

Attachment of number plates

3.011  Number plates issued for a vehicle under the Commercial Transport Act or Motor Vehicle Act must be attached

(b) to the rear of the vehicle, if a single number plate is issued for a vehicle.

Number plates in horizontal position

3.02  A number plate shall at all times be securely fastened in a horizontal position to the vehicle for which it is issued.

Plates to be unobstructed

3.03  A number plate must be kept entirely unobstructed and free from dirt or foreign material, so that the numbers and letters on it may be plainly seen and read at all times and so that the numbers and letters may be accurately photographed using a speed monitoring device or traffic light safety device prescribed under section 83.1 of the Act.

You are correct that wherever the plate is, it must be lit by a white licence plate light.

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