NEWS - Reporting Bad Driving With the Vic PD App

TextingThe Victoria Police Department has announced an app for both Apple and Android devices that may be used to report incidents of unsafe driving. The app extends a complainant's ability to report a traffic complaint on line. Depending on the level of involvement that you choose, the complaint will be taken for general information, a warning letter or court action. The app is available for free download now.

One caveat exists, and that is complaints can only be taken for incidents that occur in the Victoria Police Department policing jurisdiction. Otherwise, you will have to contact the police force responsible for that area. The main BC RCMP web site says that detachments do not accept reports of crime by e-mail, but Surrey and Richmond Detachments do accept on line reporting at this time. I inquired and was told that the RCMP's mandate is to accept reports of crime in any manner, but e-mail addresses that are continually monitored in each detachment generally do not exist.


Any update on this?

As we've learned from this site, trying to report bad driver behaviour to the RCMP is a waste of time these days. They just don't want to listen, no matter what video (or other) evidence can be presented.

So it's actually kind of refreshing to see the Victoria Police launching this initiative, back in 2015. Like they're motivated to do something, instead of trying to remain ignorant.

Has there been any report from them in the last few years, regarding the success of this intiative?

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