A Safe Trip to School

School Crossing GuardThis article may be one of many that you read over the next week or so reminding you that our children will soon be on their way to school again. They will remind you that school zones will be in effect, school crossing guards must be obeyed and that caution around stopped school buses is required. Will you as a prudent driver take this to heart and practice it without fail or will all your good intentions disappear the first time you are in a hurry?

As I have written before, my policing experience in school zones has shown me that many traffic rule offenders (more than just speeding) are parents and teachers themselves as they rush to get their children to school or to reach work on time. If these people don't stop and think about risk versus convenience, why should they expect other drivers to do it? Everyone else could be in just as much of a hurry.

Perhaps we need to have school zone campaigns at different times of the year that focus on issues other than speed. Officer on the bus, illegal stopping and parking, u-turns, child restraint use and failing to obey the direction of a crossing guard come to mind. All of these behaviours present their own dangers to young pedestrians and passengers.

A unique idea to consider implementing this year for your neighbourhood is The Walking School Bus. Young children gather together and are escorted to school safely by parents who share the "bus driver" duties. Walking is healthy for both parent and child while it also reduces vehicle congestion at the school.

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You are right, most of the speeding and carelessness at cross walks are parents and teachers. They still have not got the cell 'phone message yet, I see parents talking all the time. Are they nuts? We all have to obey the rules too so why does a school zone make people do dumb things?

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I like the walking school bus idea. However, let's leave the parents out of it. One of the things that I have noticed while driving up the street in front of my local elementary school is that the kids who are on their own will, generally, cross at either the crosswalks or at the corners after looking both ways. However, the kids being dragged along by parents are often forced to run across the street mid-block (often about 20 meters from the crosswalk).


Now that you mention that, I can recall one of my collision reconstruction instructors telling me that adults often crossed at an angle rather that perpendicular to the edge of the road. Older is not always smarter!

School Zones

Adults are working in Constuction Zones,Working yes,but still adults,and traffic fines DOUBLE in construction Zones, ( I do tattally AGREE with this)

Why then with CHILDREN!! IN Playground Zones and School Zones,,

 Why Are the FINES NOT at least DOUBLED or even TRIPPLED, if caught speeding in these CHILREN ZONES???

Tailgaters in these zones!


July 1st was my nieces grad at the collage of the rockys,the drive to the collage,has I belive,the longest playground zone(posted 30km,s)in our town. As always,I slow to at least 30km,s/hr,which inturn almost Imediatlly creates the drivers behind me,to form a tight line,as now they are forced to follow the posted speed. With my younger family in my car,and more family and friends in another vehical,following me a few cars back,they all got to witness the vehical directly behind me.In my rearview mirror,when the driver backed off a bit,,I could then see the top part of his licence plate,Otherwise for the most part,I could only see the top half of his headlights.(way too close).It appeared to be his daughter in the passenger seat(young lady anyways)

So as I am in a good mood,heading to a joyous occasion,with my familly watching me(UNCLE),,I just slowed down a bit slower than the posted speed,as to make the Imapct of the accident(If occered)less of an Imact.

Then when reaching the parking lot,,I turned right,to go park,which I did,without makingbad jestures,or antagidnizing the tailgator(the correct thing to do) Ignoreing the bad driver,while watching him,at the same time as just to keep track of his actions.

But then,after he had gone stright,(to drop the young lady off) he came up the parking lot,stopped behind me,and jumped out of his vehical and headed right for me for a confrentation.(big guy too,250lbs,and close to 6 ft tall)

As I am 6 foot 6 inches,and just to stupid to be scared,(espesally when I am in the right) I B-lined it right up to his face,and asked him what his biggest problem was with ME following the 30km speed limit in a playground zone.

Took him a second (as now he off guard,and now the cofronted,,instead of the confronter,he looked mad,and answered,,,,,I was in a HURRY!

So with my family and friends watching,,I told him,,well then you should,nt be driving then,should you,go ask the police. I then turned my back to him and walked away,leaving him to think about his actions.

Trying to keep as calm as I could,and just point out the FACTS.

He did,(a little red faced) proceed back to his vehical,jump in and drive away.

so Q-under the circumstances,was this the best correct procider I could have followed? (as I was allready out of my vehical)

I was trying to show,to my family,the importance of not reacting negativelly,with no jestures as to atagonize this bad driver farther,but still ending in a confrentation.

Your motivation seems questionable!

So as I am in a good mood,heading to a joyous occasion,with my familly watching me(UNCLE),,I just slowed down a bit slower than the posted speed,as to make the Imapct of the accident(If occered)less of an Imact.

Seems to me that you deliberately chose the action most likely to upset the drivers behind you.

'Self-righteous' is the term that comes to mind.

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