Request for Assistance

What This Form is NOT For

Reporting bad driving: Click here to do that.

Asking a question: Click here to do that.

What This Form IS For

It's to ask for help solving road safety issues. Here are some examples of road safety issues:

  • stopping a neighbourhood speeding problem
  • trying to convince a school to implement crossing guards
  • correcting unsafe highway engineering

If your problem is not a road safety issue, go back to asking a question in big bold letters above this.

Generally, I'm game to help but most often find that the person making the request is either looking to find someone to hand their concerns over to or quickly loses interest when they find out how much work may be involved to be successful.

Either way, this costs me the time invested to determine what their issue is and to begin to work on it.

Rather than play a game of 20 Questions I've decided to get that all out of the way with this form. Please take the time to fill out all of the information concisely with the details necessary for me to understand what your road safety issue is and what assistance you require of me to help solve it.


PS: Here's a good place to start your quest.

A precise street location where your issue is located.

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