Stolen Wallet - Can't Produce Driver's Licence

Hi.  I know of someone who has just lost their wallet with their license in it.  This person has report the wallet as stolen and the police have infomred this person that they can still drive even though this person has their license stolen and they told this person that if they get pulled over that the license is already reported stolen? I am a little confused on this.........

My question(s) is: is it true that if a person has their wallet stolen and reports it to the police they cna still drive?  Isn't it the law to have yoru license with you on your person at all times no matter what when driving and if a license gets stolen then to not drive until it's returned or replaced?


When the act refers to the highway, does that mean one can drive without a driver's license on a street in a residential street? Or does highway refer to any road?

A Highway... any road that your vehicle needs a valid licence plate to be on.


You are correct, it is an offence to operate a motor vehicle on a highway if the driver cannot produce their driver's licence.

Production of licence and liability card, duplicates

33  (1) Every person, except

(a) a person driving or operating a motor vehicle exempted under section 2 (5) or section 8 or 10, or

(b) a person driving or operating a motor vehicle of a fire department of a municipality,

must have his or her driver's licence and driver's certificate and a motor vehicle liability insurance card or financial responsibility card, issued for the motor vehicle he or she is driving or operating, in his or her possession at all times while driving or operating that motor vehicle on a highway, and must produce the licence, certificate and card for inspection on demand of a peace officer.

Practically speaking, if the driver can satisfy the officer that the licence has been stolen, usually by supplying the file number for the report, it is unlikely that the officer will choose to ticket them. However, if this is a month or two after the fact and the driver has not replaced the licence then I can see a ticket being written at that point. In all cases, it is up to the officer involved.

The rationale behind the law ...

... is surely what's important, you would expect.

Being able to produce a license when requested enables a police officer to determine (a) that you actually have one - also that it's valid and applicable to the vehicle being driven - as well as (b) who you are and where you live, etc.

There's a useful page on the ICBC site to help a person to replace a lost or stolen license.

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