Are Airbags Required?

My Ford 2007 driver side air bag parts are obsolete. Ford has replaced them with used parts and no warranty. The same light problem keeps coming up. Do you need air bags in a car?


Section 8, part 10 of the 2016 light vehicle inspection standards deals with occupant restraints. It says:

f) air bags and SRS (if OEM equipped): Reject if evidence that the air bag is missing, disconnected, inoperative or not re-installed to OEM standards, the air bag indicator lamp fails to light in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer.

So, yes, it is necessary to have properly functioning air bags on your 2007 Ford car. It is a bit of a surprise to find that these parts are not available for a car that is less than 10 years old.

Given the nature of these devices, I would be a bit concerned having someone other than a Ford dealer using genuine Ford parts making the repairs, but it is possible to find aftermarket equipment that might do the job if you were careful. Perhaps they are and the dealer is concerned about liability and chooses not to use them.

I'm sure we would be interested in hearing how you solve the problem if you are able to. Please let us know.

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