Wide View Center Mirrors

It is legal in BC to put a larger mirror over your rear view mirror? I am interested in purchasing one made to expand the drivers view of the back seat to better see my kids in their car seats. 

Sounds distorted to me

A modified non OEM wide view mirror to me is distorted. How else do you end up with a wider view than the original mirror? By definition, distorted: transitive verb

: to twist out of the true meaning or proportion <distortedthe facts>
: to twist out of a natural, normal, or original shape or condition <a face distorted by pain>also : to cause to be perceived unnaturally <the new lights distorted colors>


Mirrors are covered in Division 7 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations:


7.04 (1)  Subject to subsections (3) and (4), every motor vehicle shall be equipped with an inside mirror that provides the driver with an undistorted reflected view of the highway directly to the rear of the vehicle extending to the horizon from a point on the road surface not more than 61 m behind the vehicle.

The word undistorted is not defined by statute, so the dictionary definition is proper. It says undistorted is not distorted; not altered; clear.

So, if you have the clear view required with the wider mirror installed, you are good to go!

There are mirrors meant to be attached to the seat or headrest that allow the driver to see the face of an infant in a rear facing car seat positioned behind the driver. We have one that we use when our grand daughter is aboard.

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