Seatbelt Rule Changes

Buckle UpYou have probably heard that the cost of a seatbelt ticket is going up once again. It will rise from $138 to $167 for those who haven't learned that buckling up is the best way to avoid injury and death in a crash. I suppose from their point of view the silver lining to that black cloud is that there are still no penalty points associated to a conviction.

In past some parents would try to protect two children with one seatbelt in order to carry more passengers. Little did they realize that in a serious collision, the children could slap together with such force that they would injure each other. This is now specifically prohibited. One seat, one occupant.

Let's carry that thought a bit further. If you don't have a seat installed by the vehicle manufacturer in which to carry a passenger, you cannot carry that passenger. If you choose to, you as the driver will face a ticket for $311.

Are you an employer, vehicle owner or carrier? Reach deep into your pocket and hold onto your wallet. New offences such as removing a seatbelt, having an ineffective seatbelt, adding more seats than the vehicle was manufactured with or having more people than seats in a vehicle operated on a highway will cost you $598.

Of course, these people are also liable to their own "regular" seatbelt ticket too.

Some exemptions in effect prior to these changes still exist. If the vehicle was originally manufactured without a seatbelt for a particular seating position, there is no need to have one today and a passenger may choose to sit there without penalty. Delivery drivers are still exempt under certain circumstances.

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