Back to School 2013

Back to school! Time to learn about waiting your turn, lining up nicely, being courteous to others and following the rules. No, I'm not talking about students, I'm talking about the adults because many of the traffic problems found in school zones are caused by parents driving their children to school. Even the occasional teacher might bend the rules if they are late for work.

We all know that school zones are in effect on regular school days. Until recently, these days were determined at the provincial level and were uniform across BC. Today the school calendar is determined by each school district, so there could actually be a difference from one district to another. For safety's sake, it's probably best to slow to the posted 30 km/h limit throughout the school year unless it is a statutory holiday.

Let's change the viewpoint from go to stop now. Parking around schools may create it's own hazards by limiting visibility and proper movement. You probably don't need me to remind you that children act on the spur of the moment without thinking their actions through. This makes them a significant hazard as they pop up in unexpected and inappropriate places. You increase the problem when you park or drive in places that you are not supposed to. Confusion is a bad thing in traffic.

I've investigated child pedestrian deaths and I can assure you that it is not something you want to be involved in, even remotely. Take a few seconds extra around school zones. It won't cost you much more out of your day, in fact, the savings could be substantial.

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Looking for speed enforcement around school zone

How does my local RCMP decide where to set up speed enforcement?  I just heard another 2 pedestrians have been struck and killed in Coquitlam.  From the location of that accident, I fear they are students. 

I live by Armstrong Elementary in Burnaby, and the traffic that drives by on Armstrong Avenue is certainly not adhering to the school zone speed limit (not unlike many other school zones I'm afraid).  From what I observe and experience, those that do follow the speed limit here do so with another motorist following much too close behind.

I wonder if you might have a contact I can email regarding having some speed enforcement members by the school one of these days.  I think motorists driving in the area need a reminder to keep their speeds UNDER the limit.


The Police Decide Where to Set Up Speed Enforcement

The two victims were in their 60's if I understood the news story correctly.

To request speed zone enforcement, contact the police unit responsible for the area. In your case, that would be the Burnaby RCMP Detachment. If you use Twitter, you can tweet @BurnabyRCMP and Contact Information can be found in the left column of their web site.

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