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CASE LAW - R v Drummond

... Drummond examines a Charter of Rights argument that a delay of 17 months from the offence date to the trial date for a traffic ... before a judicial justice and attempted to argue that the delay before his trial was unreasonable and the justice should enter a stay of ... proceedings on all counts in the traffic ticket. (Case Law, Traffic Tickets) ...

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Q&A - Disputing a Red Light Ticket

... lights turned red, the other side turned green without any delay.  The officer was driving an unmarked SUV (meaning no ... that applies to both sides of the ticket. If you read the case law stories on the site you will see where the judge comments on who is a ...

Anonymous - 2023/02/19 - 13:26 - 5 comments

CASE LAW - R v Podger

... another example of a Charter argument for unreasonable delay with regard to a dispute hearing for a traffic ticket. In this case, the delay amounted to 13 months and 3 weeks and Mr. Podger was successful in ... R v Podger - Reasons for Judgment (Case Law) ...

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CASE LAW - R v Pearson

This is another case of a Charter argument over delay in proceeding to trial. The speeding ticket dispute took 17 1/2 months ... establish that there was in fact prejudice caused by the delay. The matter was set over to another date for trial on the merits of the ... R v Pearson - Reasons for Judgment (Case Law) ...

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Q&A - Failure to stop at a stop sign.

... someone else and raise the issue of doubt. As for the delay in the ticket dispute, there is case law on this site that addresses the issue . (Police, Q&A, Traffic ...

Anonymous - 2023/02/19 - 13:27 - 1 comment

Q&A - Yielding to a Left Turning Vehicle

... this in a more familiar setting (including a link to case law) in Yielding on Left Turns . So opposite of illegal? ... to get where they're going, when they temporarily delay the northbound traffic 'flow'. (Frankly, traffic doesn't ever ...

DriveSmartBC - 2019/08/01 - 11:48 - 6 comments

Parallel Parking and the Impatient Driver

... areas. As visitors to this site who have read some of the Case Law stories can see, civil liability does not always work out the way we ... see how many drivers react almost instantly to a temporary delay in the lane ahead; it might be a parallel parker in the right lane, or a ...

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... that "nothing can be done about it". We can delay licensing, as "CompetentDriving" cogently suggests. We can ... par. 38 , retrieved on 2017-03-14.   (Case Law, Collisions, Motorcycles, New Drivers) ...

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