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Lack of Mufflers

... enforcement. Why don't the police do anything about noisy exhaust systems? Let's take a quick look at this accusation and see if it ... In the old days, RCMP officers had more time to deal with noisy exhaust. Tickets were issued and a cars were subjected to an ear test. It ...

DriveSmartBC - 2021/02/07 - 14:20 - 11 comments

Pet Peeves Ahead

... too high or too low. It's now a toss up between noisy exhaust and failing to come to a full stop in the proper place . Not ...

DriveSmartBC - 2021/04/09 - 17:00 - 5 comments

Q&A - Enforcement of Violations Other Than Speeding

... the cab roof with uncovered lights. Lets not forget noisy exhaust sytems. Who to Complain to It would depend on who was ...

DriveSmartBC - 2023/02/19 - 13:26 - 4 comments

Q&A - This Citizen is Frustrated

... 2 forms of law enforcement groups not dealing with the noisy exhaust system problem. Anyone have a solution? Or does Canada ...

DriveSmartBC - 2022/03/13 - 11:43 - 3 comments

Q&A - Vehicle Noise, Speeding and Lack of Effective Policing

... form of action that will get us results in having these noisy exhaust systems removed from these vehicles, so that we can have our ... as such. I learned quickly that a car or truck driver with noisy exhaust could be prosecuted with some success, but if it was a ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:44 - 3 comments

Trouble After a Vehicle Purchase

... the officer's eye/ear. Improper lighting? Excessive lift? Noisy exhaust? Also, the use of the word "dealership" implies the truck was ...

DriveSmartBC - 2021/10/24 - 21:20 - 7 comments

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

... the shoulder of the highway. These bikes also have real noisy exhaust systems that make it even more annoying when they ride through ...

DriveSmartBC - 2022/04/04 - 21:09 - 3 comments

Q&A - Why Aren't the Police Enforcing Traffic Laws?

... concerns. People are being constantly disturbed by noisy exhaust systems which have become ever so popular on many vehicles, this ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:44 - 2 comments

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