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BC's Slow Down Move Over Law

Emergency workers are very happy with BC's new slow down, move over law that came into effect June 1, 2009. When they are stopped at the side of the highway and displaying flashing lights, red, blue or yellow, approaching traffic is required to slow d ...

DriveSmartBC - 2019/10/31 - 21:38 - 1 comment

The Government Didn't Tell Me

I've been watching a number of conversations in the newspaper and social media lately, mostly with regard to B.C.'s slow down, move over law , but including changes to other traffic laws as well. The general theme has been that the government h ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 4 comments

Space Cadets

More space equals more time. Think about that carefully for a moment as it should be a constant consideration for all drivers. Driving should be an action, not a reaction and the best way to make it an action is to give yourself time to think, pla ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 9 comments

Q&A - Slow Down, Move Over Ticket

My girlfriend, being an anxious driver, asked me if I would drive because road conditions were slippery. I still have my N, but had no N sign in my girlfriends car. I figured it was safer if I drove to the stop in Merritt since she did not feel comfor ...

Anonymous - 2019/09/26 - 10:47 - 3 comments

NEWS - Slow Down, Move Over on Shaw TV Victoria

This video from Shaw TV on Southern Vancouver Island follows the Capital Regional District's Integrated Road Safety Unit and highlights the difficulties the officers face from drivers who do not slow down or move over when passing stopped emergenc ...

DriveSmartBC - 2017/11/12 - 23:51 - 0 comments

Pavement Marking in Progress

Line-marking crews have begun the annual task of refreshing markings on highways across British Columbia to help provide a safer drive for motorists. More than 30,000 kilometres of lines are marked every year throughout the province to guide drivers. ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/22 - 23:00 - 3 comments

Look Ahead! Look Waaaay Ahead!

Imagine making a lane change and crashing into a fully marked police vehicle stopped at the side of the highway with all of its emergency lights operating. I can only guess that the driver was not properly scanning his environment and looking far enou ...

DriveSmartBC - 2020/07/19 - 12:34 - 1 comment

Q&A - Tow Trucks Blocking Lanes

Q: We know why they do it.... but what legal authority do break down vehicles have to block (cone off) a whole lane on the highway one when the stall is on the shoulder? Answer This is a situation that often bothers me as a driver. Some ...

DriveSmartBC - 2019/09/07 - 07:58 - 3 comments

Q&A - Garbage Truck Leads the Morning Parade

I don't know if you drive much along Hammond Bay Rd, but it can be pretty frustrating on garbage day, or even morning commute on school days, with buses stopping very 100 - 200 yds. I dread the new "automatic" garbage trucks which I think will tak ...

Anonymous - 2019/10/07 - 21:51 - 1 comment

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