BC Bad Driver of the Week - 762WVL

How many violations can a driver commit in 25 meters of parking lot? In this video I counted four, the failed stop when approaching from the right, failing to signal the turn onto the cross street, stopping in the wrong place before making that turn and turning left contrary to the posted sign.

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Definitely a 'fail' ...

... I guess we should be thankful they weren't yacking on a cell phone at the same time.  surprise

Five actually

2 x fail to signal
2 x fail to stop
1 x disobey sign

But on a "reasonable" scale - while I try to stick to the "guides" like a tram regardless of presence of other drivers - it's only human nature to "approximate" - and who's to say that there is harm in that when nobody is affected?
True, actions like these (bad habits) may show up at the worst time and cause an accident; however the "no harm - no foul" still applies a little.

From what I saw in the video, the "body language" of the vehicle was in-line with what the vehicle was doing; which is magnitudes better than the "out of sync" drivers - the ones either looking for the street sign or for their accelerator pedal - while you are hopelessly asking yourself "what is this guy doing?".

Bad driver of the week

What is worse, these adults will be teaching their kids to drive and develope these same habits.

When was the last time I seen a driver make a complete stop at a Stop sign or Stop before proceeding right at a red light, sorry I can't remember that far back.

It's not that simple, Richard.

Apart from the fact that many drivers stop at stop signs or before contemplating a turn on a red light, just as a matter of habit, or because of a perceived pedestrian or vehicle conflict (why you never see them is a mystery, quite frankly) you also fail to realize or acknowledge that these 'kids' choose to make their mistakes once they're allowed out on their own.

Every new driver in BC - and by that, I mean those who have freshly acquired a license to drive here or anywhere else - has necessarily gone through a qualifying process.  This will have commenced with their having successfully completed a Class 7 Knowledge Test just as a condition to obtain their 'L' license, and subsequently (a year or more later) after some kind of training and/or practice, passed a Class 7 Road Test.

Make no mistake about it - once a person has passed their initial Learner test, they are issued a Driver License.  There will be conditions and restrictions attached (having a qualified co-pilot being the most significant) but at this point in time they have accepted responsibility for their actions behind the wheel, based on their fundamental understanding of the rules and risks involved in the task.  If they cause a collision or injury, they are liable.

When they undertake their Road Test with a Driver Examiner, the determination being made is simply whether or not they have learned and absorbed sufficient information that they can now operate a vehicle - physically and perceptively - to be allowed to drive solo; if they have demonstrated to the DE that they have, or at least can, meet the criteria then they will be issued with their 'N' license.

They don't all make it through that test first time; far from it!  Particularly if they have been badly taught, or absorbed their behaviours from the poor examples surrounding them.  But trying to blame their parents - no matter how poor their driving or instructional skills - just doesn't work.

Their parents weren't there when they did their Knowledge Test (or at least not anywhere near them).

Their parents weren't there when they did their Road Test.

Nowhere in any educational process is there a greater emphasis and necessity for the teacher to achieve their goal than by actually making themselves redundant.  Because to qualify for your Driver License, you're actually on your own.

If, after passing that Road Test, you fail to follow the rules, then that's your own choice.  

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