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VIEWPOINT - Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

SoapboxI was just reading the account of the head on that happened on Shannon Lake Road. I certainly have sympathy for the people involved, but I noticed that one person received a charge of "Speeding Relative to Conditions."

ICBC - Top Excuses Given by Impaired Drivers

ICBC LogoThe following excuses for driving while impaired were provided to police at CounterAttack road checks held around BC in the past month:

Q&A - Driving Without Insurance Dispute

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I was wondering if anyone could help or give me information about how to dispute a ticket for driving without insurance.

We were luckly pulled over a couple days ago by a officer who pointed out that our insurance ran out prior and issued us a ticket for it.

ICBC - Top 10 Excuses for Using a Cell Phone While Driving


Here are the top excuses that police heard from BC drivers who were caught using a hand-held device while driving in our province last month courtesy of ICBC:

VIEWPOINT - Don't Wave, Drive!

SoapboxSome of the most dangerous drivers on the road recently are those that are trying to be polite by waving a second driver to go when that second driver doesn't have the right of way. Drivers should just drive to the rules of the road, its safer and keeps the traffic moving in an orderly fashion.

Have You Been Directly Affected by a Collision Lately?

Dollar SignI often ask if anyone has been directly affected by a collision in the past year when I am making a presentation to a group. I can see people thinking about it and then a few hands may tentatively rise. My answer usually surprises them and it may surprise you as well.

Q&A - The Doctor Says Not to Drive

Q&A ImageIf a person has been told by their doctor not to drive due to cognitive impairment what are the consequences if this person chooses to drive?

Are they in violation of the law?

Is their car insurance still valid?

ICBC DRIVING TIPS - Driving Smart in Bad Weather

ICBC LogoFor British Columbians, fall has definitely arrived! We're back to rain, ice, snow and low visibility. This month's tip is a repeat from last year, Driving Smart in Bad Weather, which gives important pointers on how you can handle all these weather changes.

VIDEO - ICBC Video Tips: Intersection Safety

ICBC LogoIntersections are dangerous places, especially for pedestrians. Running red lights is one of the main causes of crashes in intersections—and incidents involving pedestrians. In this month's driving tip, an RCMP Corporal shares how B.C.'s 140 new cameras will help make our intersections safer.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Cell Phones and the GLP

ICBC LogoThis video, produced by ICBC, looks at why banning communication device use by drivers keeps our roads safer by keeping drivers focused on the task of driving. This applies to new drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program especially as they have not developed the necessary skills to spare attention for non-driving related tasks.

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