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Q&A - U Turn Ticket

Q&A ImageGot a ticket for an alleged illegal u-turn at an intersection. Was fined $167 for allegedly violating MVA 168(b)(iv). As outlined in the MVA, my alleged violation is defined as "at an intersection where a traffic control signal has been erected"

However, at the time of the alleged offense, 2 things:

Q&A - New Westminster Parking Bylaw Dispute

Q&A ImageBylaw 6027 states "No person shall stop or park a vehicle within 2 meters of the nearest edge of the closest sidewalk on an intersecting street." There were no signs along this side of the street.

At adjudication the meaning of terms "closest sidewalk" and "intersecting street" meaning was in dispute.

Q&A - Charter Issues in Traffic Court

Q&A ImageMy question is whether a Justice of Peace can deny a Charter argument that has already been heard and dismissed by a Provincial Judge and then referred back to Traffic court.

Q&A - Slow Down, Move Over Ticket

Q&A ImageMy girlfriend, being an anxious driver, asked me if I would drive because road conditions were slippery. I still have my N, but had no N sign in my girlfriends car. I figured it was safer if I drove to the stop in Merritt since she did not feel comfortable.

Q&A - Can a Justice Increase the Fine Shown on a Traffic Ticket?

Q&A ImageI recently traveled back on a superb trip from Bella Coola back to my home in the Lower Mainland. If you want to get out of the lower mainland and explore our beautiful province I'd recommend this to anyone...

No Laser, No Radar, is the Ticket Valid?

gavel imageI was issued a ticket for Speed Against a Municipal Sign for driving over 30km/hr in a playground zone. The officer had no laser and no radar; she flagged me over, saying "The speed limit here is 30--you were not doing 30." I can't say whether I was doing 31 or 51; my best guess based on the location I was pulled over would be somewhere between 30-40. What does the law say surrounding this?

Q&A - Driving Without Reasonable Consideration for Others

Q&A ImageI was driving along no.6 in Richmond with a girlfriend and reached into my bag for smokes and an oncoming car came so I swerved a bit to the right and hit a hydro pole because it was so close to the shoulder and I ended up into a ditch. I wasn't speeding, it was a single car collision and nobody got hurt. Needless to say the car was a total loss.

Q&A - Officer not Witnessing Violation

Q&A ImageWhen I tried to pass a car on the right in a one lane street, the car I was trying to pass hit my rear bumper on the left side.

CASE LAW - R v Lukas

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case Allen Lukas appeals his conviction for speeding based on the visual observation of his vehicle's speed made by Cst. Neid of the Kelowna R.C.M.P. Detachment.

Q&A - Didn't See the New Sign

Q&A ImageI routinely drive in a certain Vancouver area. Tonight I was ticketed for turning right at a red light. I was told there is a new no-right-turn-at-red-light sign, that I think was just installed in the last day or two. The policeman said he was waiting there for people to violate that sign.

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