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Q&A - Do Fines Really Double in Construction Zones?

Q&A ImageI am aware of the sign posted at the construction sites about double the fine, but have been told that the fine incurred is actually excessive speed if the speed is too high .Is there an actual regulation about double the fine or is this sign  just a deterrent?

Q&A - Improperly Deemed Convicted

Q&A ImageHello. When I received the ticket I disputed immediately. The officer could not give me an answer to my question regarding  my drivers log book. I did what the letter said and replied as not guilty and the full reasons why. I was never sent a response and thought it was done. I should have followed up. I just seen it on my credit report and am wondering what I can do. I will  pay it if needed.

VIEWPOINT - No more traffic court?

SoapboxNew Bill 52, to amend traffic court, is this proposed change scaring the crap out of anyone else? It looks the BC Government is further eroding any illusion that drivers of this province have any rights at all.

A new tribunal for traffic ticket disputes? Will it be as one sided and biased and unfair as the ones set up for the new drinking and driving legislation? Or will it be worse?

Specifically 285 and 294:

Q&A - Defending a No Insurance Ticket

Q&A ImageI recently received a ticket for driving without insurance. At the time I had a passenger in my vehicle with me. I produced expired insurance papers to the officer and was given a ticket. I then had to have my car towed home.

Q&A - Legal Defences for a 144(1)(c) Ticket?

Q&A ImageI'm disputing a ticket issued for a 144(1)(c), Speed relative to road conditions, and I'm wondering what is admissable as a legal defence for the violation.

Q&A - U-Turn Ticket

Q&A ImageI received a traffic ticket for making a U turn on Pacific Avenue at Davie Street. The traffic violation sites Motor Vehicle Act 168(b)(iv) as the violation, but if I'm to understand the law it seems that according to the same Act 168 section(a) that as long as I was able to do so without interfering with other traffic it was okay. Am I wrong? Please help me understand Motor Vehicle Act 168.

Q&A - Adult Passenger Not Wearing Seatbelt - Who Gets the Ticket?

Q&A ImageIf I am the driver of a motor vehicle and I have an adult passenger who refuses to wear their seat belt and I operate such vehicle Who will recieve the ticket if the party in question has no valid drivers license and has no Formal ID??

Q&A - I Can't Find My Ticket

Q&A ImageMy husband was driving a rental car in BC. We got a driving without consideration traffic ticket and lost it. We don't know our rental car plate number or have much info to go on. Who/where do we contact to pay and get a copy of our ticket?


Dispute 148.1 (excessive speed) and reduce it to 146.3(speeding on highway)?

Q&A ImageWest Vancouver, Highway 1, going East. Speed limit is 90. Snowboarders in a van with WA plates zip ahead pushing 140 going back home. Following the van I catch myself going pretty fast and slow down. A couple of seconds after that I see a patrol car with lights on in hot pursuit behind me. I though he was after the WA van, but he pulled me over instead... I had my wife, a baby and mother-in-law in the car.

Q&A - How long do speeding demerit point stay on drivers record

Q&A ImageHow long after conviction do speeding demerit points stay on driver's record?

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