Information related to turning a vehicle.

The Proper Position for Turning

Two Lane Left Turn Sign"Tell them that they need to be in the proper lane before they turn" says one reader. Equally important is the need to end up in the proper lane after the turn. Attention to detail here provides for a smooth flow of traffic and less chance of being involved in a collision.

Q&A - Left Turn on Yellow

Q&A ImageIs it within the Motor Vehicle Act to enter an intersection on a yellow light with the intent to turn left only if you stop first before entering the intersection?

Same question except you don't stop before you enter the intersection.

Q&A - Who Has The Right of Way?

Q&A ImageYou are traveling on Cliffe Avenue and going to turn right at 5th Street in Courtenay with the green turning arrow lit.  If there is a car turning left onto 5th Street (which you can only do at certain times of the day) who has the right of way - the person turning right with the green signal light or the person turning left but also with a green light?

Left Turns Into the Correct Lane

Left Turn SignalA Courtenay resident is upset with drivers that turn left from the Island Highway onto Ryan Road and fail to enter the first available lane. He identifies this as a problem for drivers traveling in the opposite direction on the highway wanting to turn right onto Ryan Road. Who would be liable he wonders if the right turn vehicle failed to yield as directed by the sign and collided with a vehicle that had made the left turn into the curb lane instead of the lane next to the center line.

Q&A - Right Turns From Wide Curb Lanes

Q&A ImageMy question relates to right turns. In the City of Vancouver there are a number of intersections where the roadway is of sufficient width for three lanes each way but are only striped for 2. The right lane is therefore double the width of the left lane, and generally is used to accommodate parking and bus stops. Main Street at 41st Avenue southbound is a good example.

Q&A - Turning at a Two Way Stop

Q&A ImageThe intersection at Valley and Summit drive in Kelowna is a 2 way stop for drivers on the  North and South side of Valley road. Does the car approching from the South turning left have the right of way or does the car turning right approching from the North?

Right Turns Over Cycle Lanes

Cycle Lane MarkingIt seems appropriate to write an article on cycling as we are in the middle of May 27 to 31, 2013 which is Bike to Work Week. A conversation that I had this week highlights a dangerous situation that is well worth discussing, vehicles making right turns across cycle lanes. Drivers may not understand the duties required of them by the lines painted on the roadway.

Q&A - Proper Position for Left Turns?

Q&A ImageI have a question about where to position my vehicle when making a left turn at an (big) intersection with a light. I have always entered the intersection (stopping somewhat before halfway through), then waited (with my signal on) to proceed safely and make the turn. I have noticed that other drivers wait at the limit line and do not (are barely) enter the intersection.

Q&A - U-Turn Ticket

Q&A ImageI received a traffic ticket for making a U turn on Pacific Avenue at Davie Street. The traffic violation sites Motor Vehicle Act 168(b)(iv) as the violation, but if I'm to understand the law it seems that according to the same Act 168 section(a) that as long as I was able to do so without interfering with other traffic it was okay. Am I wrong?

CASE LAW - Ferguson v Yang

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case involves a collision that occurred in a school zone between vehicles parking at the curb. Mr. Ferguson had pulled over parallel to the curb and was preparing to back up and provide more room for others to park. Mr. Yang made a U turn from the other side of the street intending to pull in behind Mr. Ferguson and struck the Ferguson vehicle causing minor damage. The judgment discusses both the improper U turn and how the Justice viewed the credibility of the parties in reaching his decision.

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