Information related to turning a vehicle.

Changing Lanes and Merging Traffic

Improper TurningWould you write something in one of your articles about people turning at intersections and immediately going into the right lane and cutting off other motorist merging into traffic? This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the traffic world. I have seen and experience where to person who is merging is getting the horn and finger wave even though they were in the right.

Q&A - Who Turns First at a Two Way Stop?

Q&A ImageTwo drivers are stopped on opposite sides of a through road. One is turning right, the other is turning left, Which one has the right of way?

Q&A - Two Lane Right Turns on a Red Light

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding the legality of double right turns on a red light. My questions is based on a specific intersection in Vancouver, where Dunbar meets 16th Ave.

Q&A - Turning Into the Correct Lane

Q&A ImageAt an intersection on a 2 lane 1 way street, is it legal for someone making a right turn at a 2 way stop to turn in to the far lane? I've almost been hit several times when turning at the same time as the person on the other side when they turn in to the far lane instead of the lane closest to the curb.

Q&A - Right Turn Conflict With Motorcycle

Q&A ImageI was driving a Nissan xterra (fairly large vehicle) south on Ziprick just past Costco in Kelowna. As I approached the three way intersection I observed there was a motorcycle near the center lane with his right turn indicator flashing. As he was in what appeared to me as the straight thru lane I assumed he had left his indicator on in error.

Q&A - Right of Way at a Two Way Stop

Q&A ImageMy question is regarding the right of way at a regular two way stop sign. When turning left after coming to a stop are you required to yield to all traffic coming straight through?

Q&A - U-Turns Around Wide Boulevards

Q&A ImageI hope you don't mind a question about U-Turn that always puzzles me. On a 4-lane street (2 lanes in each direction) with a large boulevard in between, can a driver turn left and stop at that boulevard, when traffic is clear, turn left again on that road?

So this car would end up driving in the opposite direction. Does this action considered an illegal U-Turn?

Q&A - Left Turn Over Single Solid Line

Q&A ImageOn my way home from dropping my daughter at school I turn left onto my street at an intersection and then need to turn left immediately again as my house is the 1st driveway. I do so over a single yellow line and am often getting honks etc. I don't think they're aware I'm turning into a driveway although I do signal... Am I wrong or are they?

Passing and Turning for Bike Lanes

Bike Lane MarkingWould you write an article on bike lanes? Please explain whether a bike in a bike lane can pass on the right of a car and the proper way for cars to turn right through a bike lane.

Turning Left is Complicated

Two Lane Left Turn SignHow much time do you have to look, decide and then execute a left turn in heavy traffic? Do you feel pushed by the drivers behind you into making that decision quickly? If you cannot "check your six" quickly and confidently, it's time to wait for certainty.

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