Driver Licencing

Information related to driver's licences.

CASE LAW - Lewis v British Columbia (Public Safety and Solicitor General)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDelores Lewis was required to take the computer based version of the DriveABLE test and failed. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles directed ICBC to cancel her driver's licence. Reconsideration of this decision was possible if she was able to provide a report from her doctor indicating that she was medically fit to drive. This was provided and Ms. Lewis took the test a second time. The result of the second test indicated that her abilities had declined. Her licence remained cancelled.

Q&A - Giving Up My Class 1 Licence

Truck Tractor and TrailerI'm nearing my 71st birthday and have received the annual medical form required for all Class 1 license holders over, I believe, age 65. I haven't driven for over a year and have no plans to go back to work even on a part time basis.

What class will my license revert to when I hand in my Class 1?

Q&A - Can Dad Drive in the US?

older driver and carMy 89 years old father voluntarily restricted his driving license, after an at fault single vehicle accident 5 years ago, to local driving only. While recently vacationing in Washington State he asked “can I drive here”. I wasn’t sure as lives in Lillooet B.C.  Unfortunately I didn’t look at his drivers license to check if he was restricted to 50 kmh.

Driving and Diabetes

InsulinI was approached by a friend whose teenager had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She had discovered that some driving schools offered specific driver training for new drivers that suffered from the disease. Was I aware of any driving school that offered a course like this in our part of British Columbia?

CASE LAW - Potestio v Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

BC Courts Coat of ArmsFrank Potestio added four hazardous moving violations and one fail to wear seatbelt violation to his driving record between August 29, 2009 to May 9, 2011. He was sent a warning letter on June 19, 2011. Mr. Potestio committed two further driving offences on February 2, 2012 and was sent a letter placing him on probation for six months effective March 8, 2012. On January 16, 2013, Mr. Potestio committed a further offence of speeding. On March 5, 2013, the Superintendent sent Mr. Potestio a notice of prohibition for a period of three months.

Q&A - Impersonation

Q&A ImageIt's drivers licence renewal time. You organize and drop by the nearest ICBC Driver Service Center to pay your renewal fee, have your picture taken and leave with your temporary new licence with the promise that you will receive your picture licence in them mail shortly. For most of us, that's the scenario.

RESOURCE - Guides for Determining Medical Fitness to Drive

Question MarkHave you ever wondered what the medical standards for driver fitness were in British Columbia? The British Columbia Medical Associations "Guide to Drive" is available on line at the link below. These standards are referred to by the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles when making driver fitness determinations.

Q&A - Driving with out of country driver's license

Q&A ImageMy sister will be coming to Vancouver to visit me from Serbia. She has a valid Serbian driving license, but no insurance (she currently doesn’t own a car). I have a valid BC (ICBC) insurance on my vehicle, and a valid BC driver’s license. Will she be able to drive my car? Does she need to buy some additional insurance for driving my car, or will my insurance cover any damage in case of an accident?

Q&a - How Does My Son Get His Licence Back?

Counter Attack LogoIt has been over a year since my son lost his licence for pleading guilty to drinking too much wine at my new years dinner and running to the store for me. He went through a road block, and blew over. I would not have sent him if I thought he was impaired, but with the new laws, he was guilty. 

Q&A - Exchanging Alberta Learner's Licence for a BC Learner's

Q&A ImageI am inquiring about my learners permit. I live in Courtenay BC and have a valid learners from Alberta, can I switch it over to a BC learners permit?! And in the meantime can I drive here with it as long as I have an L on my vehicle?

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