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Pedestrians, Protect Yourselves!

Pedestrian CrossingThere have been a number of pedestrian deaths in the news lately that resulted from being hit by a motor vehicle. These incidents typically take place at night or when visibility is poor. Readers have reminded me that this is the time of year when the days are becoming noticeably shorter and both pedestrians and drivers need a reminder about safety.

Pedestrians & Signals

Walk SignalNo matter how quickly I react once the walk light comes on or how fast I walk, I can make it only halfway across and then the orange flashing light comes on. Vehicles proceed even though I am still on the crosswalk trying desperately to make it safely to the other side. It's impossible to keep eye contact with drivers. Many also are convinced they have a right to make the left turn even though I am still in the crosswalk, so what gives?

Motorized Wheelchairs

Motorized WheelchairI have grave concerns about the safety of those driving battery operated wheelchairs and about the dangers involved for car drivers in dealing with their activities on the road. For instance, are those wheelchairs allowed legally on the roadways?

Pedestrians on the Highway

Pedestrian Crossing"Don't pedestrians have to use the sidewalks?" asks a reader. The concern expressed here is that when a safe place is provided for pedestrians away from traffic flow, some people choose not to use it. The reader observes that these people make life difficult for drivers by adding one more hazard on the roadway.

Be Safe, Be Seen

pedestrian conspicuityOne would think that the most likely pedestrian to be struck on our highways would be a child. They are impulsive, may not follow the rules because they don't know them, and have not yet had the experience to fear the outcome of a bad decision. If you do think that this is the case, you would be wrong.

Back to School Pedestrian Safety

School Zone Sign

Maintenance workers will soon be removing the covers from school zone signs and children will be using the roads to walk and bicycle back and forth to school. As all drivers know, school zones will be in effect on regular school days during the hours and at the speed shown on the sign. If caution is exercised by all road users it will be a safe school year.

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