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Who is the Danger?

School Zone SignBy the time you read this column, the first week of the new school year will have been completed. Of course, we have all read the obligatory school is in - slow down articles and commercials designed to focus driver's minds on the presence of students traveling back and forth to school on our highways.

School Zones

School Zone SignIt's time again for the annual school zone column. You know, the one where it says slow down, obey the school zone speed limits and watch out for children who are too excited about going back to school to watch for traffic? I write something like this every year, but maybe this year it's time to look at the situation just a little differently.

School Bus Safety

School BusHaving looked at School Zones in last week's column, I will continue the theme and look at the school bus this week. The potential for confusion exists here because there is more than one method used in various school districts for loading and unloading students at the side of the highway.

Slow Down, School Zone!

School Zone Sign

Is it really necessary to remind everyone that school starts again next week? Well, if you were one of the 2,300 pedestrians killed or injured in B.C. last year you might agree that this is a good idea. Walk safe, be safe, be seen is this year's message.

Back to School Pedestrian Safety

School Zone Sign

Maintenance workers will soon be removing the covers from school zone signs and children will be using the roads to walk and bicycle back and forth to school. As all drivers know, school zones will be in effect on regular school days during the hours and at the speed shown on the sign. If caution is exercised by all road users it will be a safe school year.

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