Highway lane use information.

Watching from the Right Lane

Acceleration LaneI'm sure that you have already determined that if I don't write this column based on reader requests, I write about something that I have seen happen around me in traffic. This column is no different, and it is about a behaviour that struck me when I was using the freeway in Vancouver recently.

Painted Traffic Islands

painted traffic Island Would you write an article on painted traffic islands? As I pass an island with my left turn signal on, someone behind me will often drive across the island, attemping to pass me and turn at the same intersection. I have seen professional drivers do this as well.

Left Lane Blockers

Keep Right SignNo one likes a left lane blocker. These are the drivers who inhabit the left hand lane on multiple laned roadway and are oblivious to the traffic behind them that want to pass by. Clearly, they believe that if they are travelling at or close to the speed limit, there is no need for them to move over to the right hand lane for others.

Disaster Response Routes

Disaster Response Route SignI always thought that the disaster route signs posted beside some of our highways indicated the route that people would take if they had to evacuate during a disaster or major emergency.

Using HOV Lanes

HOV SignWhen travelling in the lower mainland I notice the HOV lanes require 2 or more persons in a vehicle. Does this apply when you are a pick up truck towing a 5th wheel trailer?

Bicycle Lanes

Bicycle LaneOur community recently put bike lanes in and within the first week there was a cyclist injured. Can you address how to handle bike lanes as a motorist? Is the bike lane treated as just another lane of traffic? When you are turning into a driveway or onto a road to the right and you have to cross a bike lane and there is a cyclist there, does the cyclist have the right away?

Turning Left Over Solid Lines

Left Turn Over Double Solid Line

You should do something about turning left on double solid lines, Port Alberni is terrible for it.

In defence of Port Alberni, I can probably say that all of British Columbia is terrible for it. Many drivers have an incomplete idea of what the lines on the road really mean. The basic intent is that regardless of what kind of line is painted down the center of the highway, drivers are required to stay to the right of it.

Acceleration Lanes

Acceleration LaneAcceleration lanes assist traffic to join with others on higher speed and volume highways. At the opposite end, the deceleration lane exists to leave the traffic flow and slow down to join others on lower speed and volume highways. Proper use of these lanes minimizes the risk of collision and eases the difficulty in finding a place of your own.

Changing Lanes in Intersections

Lane ChangeI am often asked to tell the motoring public that it is illegal to change lanes in an intersection. I cannot do this, because there is no specific rule prohibiting this driving action in the Motor Vehicle Act. However, a defensive driver will choose not to do this, even if it is legal.

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