Highway lane use information.

Q&A - Two Lane Right Turns on a Red Light

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding the legality of double right turns on a red light. My questions is based on a specific intersection in Vancouver, where Dunbar meets 16th Ave.

CASE LAW - R v Dickson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis Supreme Court case from 2003 is useful to illustrate two topics: lane splitting by motorcyclists is illegal in BC and traffic court justices may prohibit drivers based on a bad driving record and have the prohibition upheld by the higher courts.

Q&A - Changing Lanes After Turns at Intersections

Q&A ImageWhen I'm in the advance left turn lane, and I am on the green, entering a 2 lane roadway, how far do I have to drive before I can change into the right lane. I had a situation that a driver entering the right lane, from a right turn on red, became upset with me, when I changed from left to right, I was ahead, he was speeding and nearly hit the rear of my car.

Stay Between the Lines

Traffic IslandOne sure sign of growing up when we were young was the ability to use our crayons and stay between the lines. An important skill for a "grown up" driver is also the ability to stay between the lines. Judging by the e-mails that I have received lately from readers who state that this is their main pet peeve, there is a sizable number of drivers out there who need to do a bit more skill growing.

VIEWPOINT - Maintain Your Proper Lane Position!

SoapboxI'm not sure if you have covered this in previous columns but two of my biggest peeves is people that can't maintain proper lane positioning and people that shave corners. This is extremely dangerous if the offending driver is coming into your lane and a friggin' nuisance when following behind someone that 'gets into the gravel" and spits it up. What happened to the drivers courtesy today?

Q&A - Right Turn Conflict With Motorcycle

Q&A ImageI was driving a Nissan xterra (fairly large vehicle) south on Ziprick just past Costco in Kelowna. As I approached the three way intersection I observed there was a motorcycle near the center lane with his right turn indicator flashing. As he was in what appeared to me as the straight thru lane I assumed he had left his indicator on in error.

Q&A - Using the HOV Lane

1) HOV Lane - Scenario 1:

If a vehicle in the HOV lane is travelling SLOWER than the traffic in the Single-Occupancy Lane, and impeding HOV vehicles, is there a ruling that they must either: a) Increase their speed to match other traffic or b) Leave the HOV lane. What is the correct thing to do?

2) HOV Lane - Scenario 2:

Q&A - Violation Ticket Drive In HOV Lane

Q&A Image I received a Violation Ticket for Drive In HOV Lane cited under MVA section 152 with a ticketed amount of $109. The officer that served me the ticket stated that it was the minimal offense and carried no Penalty Points.

Q&A - Another Take On Slower Traffic Failing To Keep Right

Q&A ImageI have a question for you and hope you can answer it.

You're driving from Kelowna to Vancouver on the Okanagan Connector. There are two lanes for your direction of travel. The fast lane seems to be pretty clean with bare pavement. The slow lane is covered in snow and doesn't look safe. You have winter tires and everything, but bare pavement always beats compact snow.

CASE LAW - Haughian v Jiwa

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIn this case, Kathleen Haughian was proceeding eastbound on Sunset Street east of Smith Avenue in Burnaby, B.C.  Sunset Street in this location consists of two lanes in each direction with angle parking on both sides. The angle parking is toward traffic on the north side and away from traffic on the south side.

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