Highway lane use information.

Ramp Metering

Ramp MeteringSome time ago I wrote about watching streams of traffic trying to enter the freeways in and around Vancouver. Platoons of vehicles would move through the acceleration lanes bumper to bumper and everyone would then try and jam themselves into the first gap in the slow lane that they encountered.

Q&A - Left Turn Over Single Solid Line

Q&A ImageOn my way home from dropping my daughter at school I turn left onto my street at an intersection and then need to turn left immediately again as my house is the 1st driveway. I do so over a single yellow line and am often getting honks etc. I don't think they're aware I'm turning into a driveway although I do signal... Am I wrong or are they?

Q&A - HOV Lane Passenger Age Requirement?

Q&A ImageI get a lot of dirty looks when I'm in the HOV lane with my young child in the back seat.  I'm sure he counts, doesn't he?!?  I've tried asking various authoritative bodies, but no one seems to know for sure. 

Short of stopping at an HOV check in progress to ask the officers on duty, I don't know who to ask. 

Q&A - Reserved Lane Use

Bicycle Lane SignI have been driving home on Rupert Street in Vancouver lately and there are some lane markings I am not clear about. Between 12th ave and about Kingsway there is a narrow right hand lane that has a bicycle and a white diamond, there is no other signage.

My question is: Are motorcycles allowed to use this lane (because they regularly do)?

Passing and Turning for Bike Lanes

Bike Lane MarkingWould you write an article on bike lanes? Please explain whether a bike in a bike lane can pass on the right of a car and the proper way for cars to turn right through a bike lane.

Confluence of Lanes

Q&A ImageRecently I was on Highway 97 proceeding north and about to enter Westbank when a car exiting the connector highway, 97C, came abreast of me on my right. We were in a “dead heat,” as it were, with neither vehicle as much as a car’s length ahead of the other. I felt that I had the right of way and continued at the same speed. The other car merged after me, repeatedly sounding her horn.

Q&A - Solid Yellow vs Broken Yellow Lines

Q&A ImageThe provincial driving guide, Learn to Drive Smart, in the Yellow Lines section,  cites:

Broken line  -- passing is allowed when safe

Single yellow line -- vehicles travelling in either direction may pass when it is safe

Q&A - Smart Cars and the HOV Lane

Q&A ImageI own a smart car and was wondering what the rule is when it comes to using a HOV lane. Technically, it is half the length of a standard car, so I was wondering when the minimum number of passengers is 2, if this would mean one for me.

Q&A - Changing Lanes In an Intersection

Q&A ImageToday I was almost in a traffic collision. I was turning right and people across the intersection were turning left. The street we were turning onto had two lanes either side of the centre. I assumed all of the people turning left would end their turn in the left-most lane because they were turning out of the only left turn lane and I was taught you shouldn't change langes in an interection.

Q&A - Change Lanes Without Signal

Q&A ImageI just received a ticket for 151(c) basically saying that I change lanes without signal. I find it upsetting that I received this ticket because I did turn on my signal. He said it was just not fast enough as I was just completing a right turn then going to the left lane and the blinker was still signalling right.

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