Vehicle Licencing

Information with regard to vehicle licencing.

Q&A - Buying the Right Truck to Pull my Trailer

Q&A ImageI want to buy an Eco boost F150 rated to haul 11,300 lbs and I have a 33' tow behind camper with electric brackets fully loaded at 7600lbs can I haul it through BC? I'm having a hard time doing the calculations on your website.

Q&A - Utility Vehicles on the Highway?

Q&A Imagei have a 2012 polaris ranger it has front head lights, brake and driving lights.I have 3 point seat belts full roll cage and steel doors can i insure this and drive it on public roads.

Q&A - No Papers, How do I Register a Motorcycle?

Q&A ImageI purchased a 30 year old motorcycle. The previous owner had no registration as he used it off road. I ran the VIN through CPIC and it produced no history of being stolen. What steps do I take to obtain registration papers?

Motor Assisted Cycle or Motorcycle?

Motor Assisted CycleWhether your mechanical skills are limited to taking the pedals off of your motor assisted cycle or extensive enough to attach a gasoline engine to a bicycle, both could land you in trouble with the rules. Making either of these modifications will turn your transport into a motor vehicle that requires insurance and licence plates. At $598, the ticket for operating without insurance is an expensive one!

Q&A - Selling a Vehicle Long Distance

Q&A ImageWe've moved to Saskatchewan from BC and have just sold our utility trailer that is still at the house we were renting in Ladysmith BC. Could we please obtain advice on the best way to make the transfer (paperwork, etc). Obviously the trailer is still insured in BC and it was bought in BC also.

I have current insurance and ownership papers here in Saskatchewan.

Collector Licence Plates

BC Collector Licence PlateIt's show and shine season and the carefully maintained and restored older vehicles are out for our appreciation. I watched one vehicle from the early 50's pass by me the other day and I noticed that it was equipped with a center brake light and angel eyes in the headlights. It also sported a collector licence plate and that got me to thinking, were either of the two "enhancements" that I noticed allowed on a collector plated vehicle?

Q&A - Commercial Vehicles Using Out of Province Licence Plates

Q&A ImageI see more and more Alberta companies having Alberta plates on their equipment and having their terminals in BC. These companies work and train out of the BC terminals. Their equipment runs either all BC or are pro-rated to run BC/Alberta.

Is this legal and how do they do it?

Q&A - Motor Assisted Cycle Ticket

Q&A ImageI am using an electric scooter without installing the pedals on it. the scooter only goes 35 km/hour. the officer give me ticket for section 13(1)(b) in a reason that i did not install the pedal on the scooter. he put on the ticket description is fail to display current plate. is that a violation? although i have a plate at the back saying E-bike no licence required. do i need to dispute or just pay it.

The Ubilt Utility Trailer

Ubilt Utility TrailerThe quality of a home made utility trailer can range from factory perfect to I'm amazed that it is still following you. Licencing, lights and weight are the most common problems encountered by enforcement personnel at the roadside. With a little thought and knowledge you can pull that extra load around safely.

Q&A - Motor Assisted Cycle: No Insurance and Driver's Licence Ticket

Q&A ImageMy son received a traffic ticket from the police for driving without insurance and driving without a driver's licence. He was riding a bicycle that he has attached a small gas motor to and I think that this is a motor assisted cycle, not a motorcycle. If I am right, he doesn't need a licence or insurance and the police should not have issued the ticket.

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