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VIDEO - Cannabis & Collisions: Dr. Jeff Brubaker

VideoWebinar hosted by the BC Injury Prevention Unit and conducted by Dr. Jeff Brubacher, Associate Professor, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, University of British Columbia. Unfortunately, the video sound is poor.

CASE LAW - Carrero v Park

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Carrero v Park takes place on North Road at the intersection with Rochester Street in Burnaby. Bobby Joe Carrero was riding his bicycle southbound on the sidewalk on the west side of North Road approaching the intersection. Na Young Park was driving southbound on North Road intending to make a right turn onto Rochester Street. Neither one saw the other as they approached the intersection.


BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Clark v ICBC involves a single vehicle collision on Marble Lake Road between the Ashton Creek Store and the Cooke Creeke Campground. Christopher Clark was driving a Jeep Patriot eastbound from the store when he met a pickup that strayed over the yellow centerline of the highway into his lane. Mr. Clark's actions to avoid a collision resulted in his loss of control of the Patriot which ultimately entered the ditch and rolled over.

CASE LAW - Bains v Watkins

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Bains v Watkins might be a classic He Said / She Said situation. The purpose of the trial was to decide who was on the wrong side of the road when a head on collision between vehicles driven by Janice Watkins and Surinder Bains occurred. The incident occurred on 84 Avenue near the 135A Street intersection in Surrey.

CASE LAW - R v Francisco

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of R v Francisco involves a collision on June 7, 2019 in Burnaby that resulted in the death of a pedestrian, Louise Landreth. Roberto Francisco was driving a BMW sedan erratically over a period of about one hour and twenty minutes until a collision at high speed resulted in a loss of control and Ms. Landreth being struck and killed.

CASE LAW - Doyle v Hubick

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Doyle v Hubick takes place on Highway 99 known as the Sea to Sky Highway, 32 km south of Pemberton. Sandra Doyle and Darcy Hubick were driving southbound toward Whistler. Ms. Doyle was overtaking Mr. Hubick and decided to pass somewhere in the first half of a two lane passing area by moving to the left lane. Their vehicles collided where the two lanes merged at the end of the passing area.

CASE LAW - Petes v Peterson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Petes v Petersen illustrates the dangers of making a lane change at or near an intersection. The collision that gave rise to this occurred at the intersection of Marshall Road and Guilford Drive in Abbotsford. James Petersen was driving his Ford Fusion westbound on Marshall and Laszlo Petes was driving his Suzuki pickup southbound on Guilford, turning right onto Marshall.

REPORT - Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities 10-year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020

BC LogoRoadSafetyBC has published a report, Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities: 10 Year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020.

CASE LAW - R v Munden

BC Courts Coat of ArmsJoseph Munden and Ephrahim Barnett used to be neighbours, did not care for each other and were not on good terms. May 8, 2019 found the two at the intersection of 4th Avenue North and Proctor Street in Williams Lake. Mr. Barnett was riding his bicycle southbound on 4th and Mr. Munden turned from eastbound on Proctor to northbound on 4th.

Q&A - I Need Pedestrian Controlled Signal Data

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I was involved in a collision at West 59th Avenue and Oak Street in Vancouver. Would you would be able to direct me to the appropriate source to retrieve data from that specific traffic light? If possible, the information I am seeking pertains to whether or not that pedestrian controlled traffic signal was red, yellow, or green light on a particular date and time.

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