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Information regarding new drivers and the Graduated Licencing Program.

Q&A - Prohibition Review

RESEARCH - Drug Impaired Driving Among Candian Teens

TIRF New LogoParents must discuss the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs with their teenagers. Currently 36.6% of teen fatalities tested positive for alcohol and 39.2% tested positive for drugs. In this context drugs include illegal, over the counter and prescription drugs. Cannabis was by far the most prevalent substance, with 28.6 per cent of fatally-injured drivers testing positive for it. The trend is downward for alcohol and upward for drugs.

Q&A - L Sign With a Class 5L Licence?

Q&A ImageI am 32 year old with a driving experience of more than 10 years from India. Currently I am a Learners license holder for class 5. I have been told by one of the driving schools that I need to display the 'L' sign on my car while I drive with a supervisor.

I confirmed with ICBC driving licensing office that I have no restriction on my license except that I need a qualified supervisor.

Q&A - Operating an LSM with Class 7L

New Driver Signs 2011I just bought a 50 cc scooter and was really hoping you could help me with two questions. It is a 2003 Yamaha BWS. First, can I drive it with my Learners license? I am turning 16 in a week, and know many people who ride them around with they're L, or so they say, but I can't find any for sure legislation. Second, can I take two people with my L?

Electronic Device Use for Class 7 and 7L Drivers

New Driver Signs 2011Can we all agree that driving while distracted is a bad thing? Probably. Would we also consider that this would be more important for an inexperienced driver than a practiced one? Very likely. Did you know that our laws concerning the use of electronic devices while driving actually reflect this thought? Surprise!

Q&A - I Was Not Stunting

New Driver Signs 2011I was driving my parents car a few days ago it is a Mustang and I got it impounded for 7 days. The police officer accused me of doing a burnout, revving the engine and fishtailing. Not once did i rev my engine or do a burnout I do admit to fishtailing. The fishtailing was not intentional at all, my traction control and everything was on, it just happened.

Q&A - Starting Over With an N

New Driver Signs 2011HI there, I've been impressed reading some of your Q&A questions, I think you are a good responder, esp for young people.

Q&A - Alberta Learner Moved to BC

New Driver Signs 2011i have my alberta learners license and have had it for 9 years now... i moved back to bc a couple months ago i was wondering will i have to apply for my bc learners license before i can take the drivers test or will i be fine just how i am?? ifi do have to apply for my bc learners am i going to have to have it for the designated time before i can take the test??

Q&A - Getting a Ticket After a Prohibition

New Driver Signs 2011Hello, I had a question here that I have looked for hours on the internet and can not find an answer to. Let me give you a little background first;

A few years ago I had two 24 hour suspensions for drugs as an N driver. Now because I was an N driver I was suspended further for another year all together.

VIDEO - Muck Up Day

video iconThis video is a TAC Victoria school resource and runs for 33:26. Muck up Day focuses on a learner driver who crashed at high speed after drinking at a party to celebrate the last day of Year 12 classes. One friend was killed, another seriously injured and the driver jailed for culpable driving.

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