Scholarly information regarding some aspect of traffic safety.

RESEARCH - Criminals and Road Safety

MUARC LogoResearchers at the Monash University Accident Research Center (MUARC) have looked at the relationship between the criminal activity of individuals and the potential for their involvement in fatal or serious injury collisions. Not surprisingly, they found that those who engage in anti-social behaviour are also likely to exhibit risky driving behaviour.


RESEARCH - Effectiveness of Behavioral Highway Safety Countermeasures

NCHRP LogoA significant part of highway safety program activities is devoted to behavioral countermeasures. These include the entire driver control system—from training and licensing to laws and enforcement and sometimes culminating in fines and sanctions.

Right Hand Drive Vehicles in a Left Hand Drive World

right hand driveWould you kindly comment on the spate of right-hand-drive (RHD) vehicles that have appeared in B.C. recently? I have always been under the impression that imported vehicles had either to meet, or be modified to meet, Canadian standards before being licenced in Canada.

RESEARCH - Tailgating

Follow too CloselyThe Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide, Australia, has released a report that explores the role of tailgating in rear end crashes and examines potential measures to counter tailgating.

RESEARCH - Victoria Transport Policy Institute

transport policyThe Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization based here in our province dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. They regularly make research papers available to the public and here are the most interesting from their last newsletter:

RESEARCH - The Impact of Lowering Speed Limits in Urban Areas

MUARC LogoThe majority of all traffic accidents occur in the urban environment, where there is a more complex traffic environment and a higher predominance of road users that are more susceptible to injury and fatality in the event of an accident. A relatively straightforward and cost-effective speed management measure, involves reducing speed limits.

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