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Q&A - Collection Agency Calling Over Unpaid Seatbelt Ticket

Q&A ImageQUESTION: A collection agency is calling my wife about a seatbelt ticket from 7 years ago. She has called ICBC and received a reference number regarding a ticket that was supposed to have been issued to her back in September of 2009.

Q&A - Tire Size

Q&A ImageCan you advise the regulation(s) with respect to tire size on a passenger vehicle?

I am considering using existing winter tires on a newly acquired vehicle but the existing tires are slightly larger than the new vehicle tire size. The change would result in the larger tires being approx. 3.5% larger circumference than the new vehicle tires.

What is the law in this regard?

Q&A - Fatal Collision

drowsy driverI’m not sure if your able to help or direct me, but I will try and see what you think. My 27 year old son was recently killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident.

Another 25 year old young man was also killed in a different vehicle in the same accident and in fact another person in another vehicle was injured as well. I think broken bones.

Q&A - Ticketed for Failing to Yield to Pedestrians

Q&A ImageHad a nice policeman come talk to me today and give me a violation ticket for driving without consideration 144 (1)(b). The offence allegedly happened over 2 months ago in another town 4 hours north of me.

Q&A - How Close Is "At or Near" for a Traffic Ticket?

Q&A ImageDoes "at or near" extend to the wrong municipality? The municipal boundary between neighboring Municipality C and D is "Street B", which has a wide grassy median dividing it. I was traveling on the Municipality C side of the road opposite to that of Municipality D written on the ticket, as was the officer and where I was pulled over.

Q&A - Unsightly Advertising

Q&A ImageQUESTION: A used car dealer here in Nanaimo has an advertising gimmick. It involves displaying a large dumpster with two or three wrecked cars standing on end sticking out of the top. Presumably it is one of those "push, pull, or drag" any car in for a generous trade-in allowance.

Q&A - Is the Current Traffic Enforcement System Working?

Q&A ImageI was driving North bound on Hwy 97 approaching Summerland.  As usual I was passed by a speeding vehicle (I confess, I'm a "speeder" but I confine my illegal activity to 10 kph over)  So when I say a speeder, I'm not describing someone going 12 kph over a limit, while I'm travellling 2 kph under.  In the appropriete conditions (dry, light traffic, day time) if I say I'm passed by a speed

Q&A - Slow Down, Move Over Education

slow down move over signI’m a professional driver on the Island,I have been driving since the mid 60s and have logged many accident free kms. My interest in writing is the “slow down, move over law." I have done it for decades. Not enough drivers seem to be aware of it.

The signs posted on the highways are difficult to read at 120kmh the most prominent portion of them is a red and blue light on top of a sedan.

Q&A - Speed on the Coquihalla

Q&A ImageWe travel Highway 5 from Hope to Kamloops two times each year. We are concerned about the increase in speed to 120 from 110. Many of the drivers go well above that limit which causes dangerous conditions. Concerned for our safety.

Q&A - Too Close to a Stop Sign?

no parking signMy husband was parked on the street and was 8 metres and a bit away from the stop sign, just to the right of the gravel patch shown below. A tow truck was about to tow the car when my husband went to rectify the situation. There was still 2 feet between the car and the 8 meter mark. So he moved his car back a little more just that everyone is happy.

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