Information on driving skills.

ICBC - Challenge Your Driving Skills

ICBC LogoDrivers are exposed to 1,320 pieces of information per minute as they approach an intersection. Take the Drive Smart Challenge to learn how rushing can affect your ability behind the wheel.

Using Your Rear View Mirrors

Rearview MirrorMirror, signal, shoulder check, change is the chant that we all know to follow for a successful lane change. We also use our rearview mirrors to give us a better view than our eyes alone when we are backing up. Is this all that mirrors are used for and are these the only times that we use them?

Update Your Driving Skills and Knowledge

Learn to Drive Smart Manual coverHow long has it been since you read the manual that new drivers study to prepare for their first driver's license? Why bother you say? You've been driving for years and know it all. I wish I could say that!

VIDEO - Top 12 Tips for Defensive Driving

VideoMeet Nia, who presents her top 12 tips for defensive driving. The video runs for 4 minutes and 29 seconds and was funded by the US insurance firm Allstate as part of their Vehicle Vibes series.

SKILLS - Take the Virtual Road Test

IBC LogoThe Insurance Bureau of Canada's web site contains a virtual road test to see how multi-tasking affects your reaction time.

Blind Faith

Green LightI watched the driver on either side of me this morning on my way to work. We were stopped waiting for a red light and I could see that both of them were totally focused on the that light. Neither one of them moved their heads and immediately started off when the light turned green. What a wonderful example of blind faith!

Shoulder Checks

Shoulder CheckIs it really necessary to make shoulder checks while driving? If you expect to pass a driving exam in British Columbia the answer is a definite yes. However, some driving schools are teaching mirror adjustment techniques to replace shoulder checks.

Steering Wheel Hand Placement

Steering Wheel Hand PlacementHave you ever done an article on hand placement on the steering wheel? This is essential to avoid a collision or to regain control of your vehicle in an emergency situation of any kind.

Leave Yourself an Out

Exclamation Mark SignDo you plan to avoid trouble when you are driving? A defensive driver always tries to maintain a space cushion around their vehicle to give themselves both time to decide and a place to go if a problem occurs. It is an active role rather than a reactive one and requires continual thought and adjustment.

Safe Following Distance

Cut OffIt is interesting to watch drivers following others in poor road conditions. They're still far too close for the speed being travelled, and their wipers are going like mad trying to keep the windshield clear. That's good news for the people that sell washer fluid but one does wonder why these drivers don't just drop back a few vehicle lengths and let the spray settle before they have to drive through it.

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