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READING - Heavy Vehicles Tire Blowout and Explosion

IRSST LogoDid you know that in Québec, 360 accidents involving a vehicle tire occurred over a period of 10 years, including some ten fatal accidents directly attributable to heavy vehicle tire blowout or explosion? This fact sheet presents the phenomenon of mechanical blowout of heavy vehicle tires mounted on wheels, and the process and events that lead to tire blowout or explosion as a result of heat buildup.

NEWS - Change to Trailer Safety Chain Rules

CVSE LogoThe Ministry of Transportation, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement has announced a change to Division 7 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations with regard to auxiliary coupling devices or what are more commonly known as safety chains for trailers.

Effective immediately, auxiliary coupling devices are required to have a strength equal to the total weight of the trailer and it's load:

Buyer Beware

Warning"If this is illegal, how come they are selling it at the store?" This question is common in response to corrective action taken after inspecting an illegally equipped vehicle at the roadside. In some cases the question is asked in an attempt to deflect responsibility, and in others it is asked out of genuine good faith.

NEWS - School Buses Equipped with White Strobe Lamps

School BusWe could soon see white strobe lights mounted on the roof of school buses in B.C. Standards allow for a white strobe to be mounted on the center of the roof on the rear third of the vehicle. It is meant to provide increased visibility and may be operated in fog or when the bus is stationary.


Be Prepared for Trouble!

Safety TrianglesIt's easy to become complacent. I remember putting chains on my father's tow truck and plowing snow with the front bumper at 30 mph to go and drag a hapless motorist back onto the highway. I also remember my time in northern BC where one didn't leave the driveway without a shovel, tow rope, extra winter clothing, tools and a collection of small spare parts at this time of year.

RESOURCE - Winter Tires

"Brace yourselves. What's ahead for most Canadian motorists is this: four months of snow and ice and spinning tires. Now is the time to choose the right tires to help you stick to those slippery roads. But which are the right tires?" All about winter tires as presented by CBC's Marketplace.

RESEARCH - Use of Advanced In-Vehicle Technology by Younger and Older Early Adopters

AAA FTS logoThe AAA Foundation for Safety has released a report that explores drivers' experiences with backing aids (proximity sensing systems), rear-view video cameras, adaptive cruise control, advanced high-intensity discharge headlamps, and built-in vehicle navigation systems.

NEWS - Aftermarket Window Tinting

Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement receives many inquiries regarding the application and compliance of aftermarket window tinting products. This vehicle safety and standards bulletin is intended to clarify existing Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and insure proper vehicle compliance with these requirements while operating a vehicle on the highway.

Temporary Spare Tires

Temporary Spare TireIn order to save space in some vehicles, car manufacturers have resorted to supplying a compact spare tire. This small light spare is great for not taking up much room in the trunk, but it's value as a spare tire is also limited.

Fog Lamps

Fog LightsLast week's column on driving lights led to a number of requests to write a follow up column on fog lights. Many readers suspected that the lights being asked about in that column were fog lights and not driving lights. I'm happy to oblige.

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