Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Q&A - More Light Needed

Q&A ImageFor me, the high beams on my '95 and '96 Dodge Ram trucks are inadequate. Certainly, this likely has something to do with my being 73. I avoid driving in the dark, but sometimes I must. I keep both the inside and the outside of my windshield clean, and the pitting from sand, etc is minimal.

Q&A - Candlepower Restrictions

Q&A ImageIt used to be that there was a candle power restriction for vehicles but these days none.  I was driving along the other day and an approaching car had the high beam on.  I flashed my high beam in hopes they would switch to low beam but no.  As the car drew closer I was being blinded and had to slow down. 

Q&A - Jacked up Trucks

Q&A ImageJust wondering if you could fill me in on the rules of the road regarding jacked up trucks.  I'm often blinded by headlights from those trucks and I would not want to get in a head on with one of them as their bumper is about head high  for me. Are there regulations concerning bumper height ?  I'm thinking there are and if so it doesn't seem to me to be enforced.

Be Smart About Vehicle Modifications

Tinted WindowsThere are many different types of vehicle manufactured today in many different models and colours with a host of accessories to make your ride just right for you. For some of us, this just isn't enough and we want to modify our vehicles to suit our personalities and desires.

Can't I Just....

Expired drivers licenses, no lights, no trailer brakes, a little to much to drink and you are being told to park your vehicle at the roadside and this is the end of your journey.  Can't I just drive home?  I’m only few blocks away....

CASE LAW - Regina v Dolson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case is out of Kamloops, B.C. where Philip Dolson disputed a violation ticket for operating his Jeep without proper doors. In this instance he had replaced the OEM doors on his vehicle with Adventure Doors manufactured by Warrior Products. These are tube doors described by the manufacturer as "Designed to replace the vehicle’s full or half doors, Adventure Doors provide additional protection to front seat occupants while off-roading."

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Tires Too Wide for Vehicle Body

cameraHere is an example of tires that are too wide for the body of this pickup.

Section 7.06 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations requires that every vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer not constructed so that the spray and splash of water and mud to the rear of the vehicle is minimized shall be equipped with mudguards and, if necessary, mudflaps.

Q&A - Chain Requirements

Q&A ImageHave all wheel drive and four wheel drive pickup new f150. Mud and snow rated tires. Does this truck require chains on all wheels when chain up signs are on. Truck can be switched from two wheel drive to these options. Are chains just needed for the rears?

READING - Lighting and Safe Driving

Arrive Alive LogoArrive Alive is South Africa's road safety awareness web site. The page titled Lighting and Safe Driving is an interesting read  as it explains a very complex subject in layman's terms. How our eyes work, what kind of light we see best by and how that affects our ability to drive safely when it is dark makes interesting reading. A link at the end of the article to Road Safety & the Importance of Clear Vision is also worth a visit.

Q&A - Noise & Motorcycle Mufflers

Q&A ImageI have a question regarding aftermarket motorcycle mufflers. What is the noise requirements or standards in BC for mufflers that are too loud and how should this be measured?

I actually heard one police officer say that any motorcycle muffler with a black coloured tip is illegal.

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