DATA - Motor Vehicle Act Offences 2016

Ticket WriterIn 2014 I responded to the often heard statement that "The police never write tickets for..." for those who complained on the subject but really had no idea of whether their belief was true or not. After looking at the list of tickets issued for Motor Vehicle Act offences that year they could either justify their complaint or be satisfied that the opposite was really true. You can find the data for the Motor Vehicle Act and Motor Vehicle Act Regulations in 2015 on this site as well.

Here's the 2016 version of the list showing totals for tickets written under B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act:


MVA Section Number and Name Total
Section 146(3) Speed Against Highway Sign 90,000
Section 146(1) Speed In/Outside Municipality 41,000
Section 129(1) Red Light At Intersection 40,000
Section 214(2)(1) Use An Electronic Device While Driving 38,000
Section 220(4) Fail To Wear Seat Belt 21,000
Section 146(7) Speed Against Municipal Sign 18,000
Section 24(1) No Driver Licence/Drive Contrary To Class 14,000
Section 125 Disobey Traffic Control Device 12,000
Section 33(1) Fail To Produce Driver'S Licence Or Insurance 12,000
Section 24(3)(b) Driving Without Insurance 10,000
Section 148(1) Excessive Speed 8,800
Section 215.43(2)(a) 90 Day Fail Immediate Roadside Prohibition 8,800
Section 152 Laned Roadway With High Occupancy Veh Lane Must Not Drive Mv 7,200
Section 186 Disobey Stop Sign 6,600
Section 25(15) Drive Contrary To Restriction 5,800
Section 161 Disobey Traffic Sign Or Signal 5,200
Section 25(15) Drive Contrary To Driver'S Licence Restriction 5,000
Section 215.43(1)(a) 3 Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition 4,500
Section 147(1) Speed In School Zone 4,500
Section 161(b) Disobey Traffic Sign Or Signal 4,100
Section 147(2) Speed In Playground Zone 3,900
Section 219(1) Improperly Equipped Motor Vehicle 3,500
Section 153 Drive A Motor Vehicle Or Other Device In A Bus Lane 3,500
Section 144(1)(a) Drive Without Due Care 3,200
Section 215.2 24 Hour Prohibition - Alcohol 3,200
Section 140 Disobey Construction Signs 3,000
Section 144.1B Drive Without Consideration 2,700
Section 215.3 24 Hour Prohibition - Drugs 2,600
Section 184.1 Fail To Wear Bicycle Safety Helmet 2,400
Section 128.1A Yellow Light At Intersection/No Stop Before Intersection 2,300
Section 162.1 Follow Too Closely 2,300
Section 146.5 Speed Against Area Sign 2,200
Section 168.B4 Unsafe/Prohibited U-Turn - Intersection 2,000
Section 31.1 Fail To Change Address On Dl 1,900
Section 215.432B 90 Day Refuse Immediate Roadside Prohibition 1,800
Section 151.B Lane Change Solid Line 1,700
Section 13.1A No Current Licence On Vehicle 1,600
Section 151.C Change Lanes Without Signal 1,600
Section 95.1 Driving While Prohibited Or Suspended 1,500
Section 144.1C Speed Relative To Conditions 1,500
Section 174 Fail To Yield On/To Left Turn 1,200
Section 151.A Unsafe Lane Change 1,200
Section 68.1 Fail To Remain At Scene Of Accident 1,200
Section 13.1C Misuse Of Number Plates 1,000
Section 168.B5 Unsafe/Prohibited U-Turn - Business District 930
Section 13.1B Fail To Display Current Plates 910
Section 155.1A Cross Solid Double Line 820
Section 161.A Disobey Traffic Sign Or Signal 820
Section 73.1 Fail To Stop For Police 820
Section 185.3A Disobey Railway Stop Sign 780
Section 165.2 Improper Left Turn At Intersection 710
Section 168.A Unsafe U-Turn 670
Section 90.3 12 Hour Suspension Alcohol Related 660
Section 168.B3 Prohibited U-Turn 620
Section 150.1 Fail To Keep Right 610
Section 133 Pedestrian Disobey Control Signal/Fail To Use Crosswalk 570
Section 170.1 No Signal On Turn 550
Section 175.1 Fail To Yield After Stop 510
Section 158.1 Pass On Right 470
Section 179.1 Fail To Yield To Pedestrian 470
Section 127.1A111 Fail To Yield To Vehicle 470
Section 68.2 Fail To Stop After Collision With Unattended Vehicle 470
Section 220.6 Permit Passenger Without Seat Belt 450
Section 183.2A Ride Cycle On Sidewalk 450
Section 132.3 Disobey Don'T Walk Sign Or Walk Against Wait Light 430
Section 127.1A11 Fail To Yield To Pedestrian 420
Section 159 Unsafe Pass On Left 400
Section 186.A Disobey Stop Sign 360
Section 165.5 Improper Turn At Intersection 350
Section 215.431B 7 Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition 330
Section 193 Reverse When Unsafe/Reverse Into Intersection 330
Section 183.6 Ride Cycle Without Lights 280
Section 189.1N Restricted / No Parking Zone 280
Section 158.2B Pass On Right Off Roadway 270
Section 234.1 Driving While Suspended 270
Section 123 Fail To Obey Police Direction 270
Section 214.22 Email Or Text While Driving 260
Section 68.1A Fail To Remain Or Return To The Scene Of Accident 260
Section 214.22 Emailing Or Texting While Driving 250
Section 73.2 Fail To State Name And Address 250
Section 21.7C Fail To Produce Out Of Province Registration Or Insurance 250
Section 151.F Illegal Pass On Laned Roadway 230
Section 151.D Left Turn From Wrong Lane 220
Section 177 Fail To Yield For Emergency Vehicle 220
Section 71 Fail To Produce Vehicle Licence 220
Section 163.A Drive Over Highway Divider 200
Section 68.1C Fail To Produce In Writing Evidence At Scene Of Accident 190
Section 149 Fail To Stop For School Bus 180
Section 68.3 Fail To Stop When In Accident/Resulting In Property Damage 170
Section 151.E Right Turn From Wrong Lane 170
Section 182.3 Stand On Roadway Soliciting Employment Or Ride 170
Section 102.A Drive While Prohibited Driving Motor Vehicle 170
Section 182.1 Pedestrian Walk Along Highway 170
Section 215 24 Hour Prohibition 160
Section 155.1B11 Cross Solid Broken Line 150
Section 151.13 Improper Use Of Leftmost Lane 150
Section 204.2 Depositing Articles On Highway 150
Section 194.3 Ride Motorcycle Without Required Helmet 140
Section 169 Unsafe Start 130
Section 195.1A Drive While Control Obstructed 130
Section 165.4 Improper Turn At Intersection 130
Section 176.2 Emerging Vehicle Fail To Yield 130
Section 158.2A Unsafe Pass On Right 130
Section 185.1 Fail To Stop Or Leave Safely At Railway Crossing 130
Section 187.2 Obstruct Traffic By Parking 130
Section 70.1B Refuse/Fail To Produce Dl/Insur For Inspection By Officer 110
Section 129.3 Fail To Yield - Right Turn - Red Light 110
Section 155.1C Fail To Keep Right Of Single Broken Or Solid Line 100
Section 220.3 Operate Vehicle With Inoperative Seat Belts 100
Section 166 Improper Left Turn-No Intersection 97
Section 183.14 Careless Cycling/Cycle Without Reasonable Consideration 93
Section 179.2 Pedestrian Leave Curb When Unsafe 92
Section 165.1 Improper Right Turn At Intersection 87
Section 102 Driving While Prohibited Or Suspended 84
Section 157.2A Fail To Yield To Passing Vehicle 84
Section 200 Drive On Sidewalk 82
Section 173.2 Fail To Obey Yield Sign 81
Section 187.1 Fail To Park Off Roadway 81
Section 155.1B1 Fail To Keep Right Of Double Broken/Solid Line 79
Section 220.2 Operate Vehicle Without Seat Belts 79
Section 129.5A Red Light - No Intersection 77
Section 153.2 Drive/Operate/Stand/Park Motor Veh In Designated Use Lane 75
Section 141 Disobey Flagman 68
Section 231.1 Must Not Smoke Tobacco In Mv Occupied By Person Under 16 65
Section 195.1B Drive While View Obstructed 64
Section 72 Transport Animals In Insecure Manner On Vehicle Exterior 64
Section 84.2 Fail To Give Information Or Give False Information To Police 62
Section 189.1A Park On Sidewalk Or Boulevard 59
Section 173.1 Fail To Yield Right Of Way At Uncontrolled Intersection 58
Section 191.2A Unsecured Motor Vehicle 58
Section 24.3A No Valid And Subsisting Driver'S Certificate 58
Section 183.2B Ride On Crosswalk 56
Section 134 Failing To Obey Lane Direction Control Signal 55
Section 190 Park On Left Side / Park To Far From Curb 55
Section 157.1B Fail To Complete Pass Safely 54
Section 184.2 Permit Cycling Without Required Bicycle Helmet 54
Section 183.2C Fail To Ride Cycle On Right 53
Section 162.3 Fail To Leave Sufficient Space Between Vehicle For Passing 50
Section 168.B2 Unsafe/Prohibited U-Turn On/Approaching Hill Crest 50
Section 14.1 Fail To Notify Of Address Change 49
Section 145.1 Slow Driving 48
Section 14.2 Fail To Notify Name Change Within 10 Days 47
Section 185.5 Fail To Proceed With Caution At Railway Crossing 47
Section 131.1A Flashing Red Light At Intersection 45
Section 3.1 Fail To Register And/Or License Vehicle 45
Section 181 Fail To Excercise Duty To Pedestrian 43
Section 164.2 Leave Controlled Access Highway 42
Section 175.2 Fail To Yield To Vehicle Leaving Stop 42
Section 17.1 Fail To Transfer Vehicle 41
Section 186.C Disobey Stop Sign 40
Section 129.4A Pedestrian Facing Red Light Must Not Enter Roadway 37
Section 130.2A11 Fail To Stop - Yellow Arrow - In Intersection 37
Section 168.B1 Unsafe/Prohibited U-Turn On A Curve 37
Section 163.B Fail To Keep Right Of Divided Highway 35
Section 176.1 Emerging Vehicle Fail To Stop 35
Section 215.431C 30 Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition 33
Section 11 Fail To Carry A Licence 32
Section 170.2 Inadequate Signal On Turn 30
Section 189.1D Park Near Hydrant 30
Section 129.4B Fail To Yield - Left Turn - Red Light 28
Section 162.2 Commercial Vehicle Follow Too Closely 28
Section 21.7D Fail To Give Proof Of Financial Responsibility 28
Section 68.1B Fail To Render All Reasonable Assistance/Accident 27
Section 160 Pass Without Clear View 26
Section 15.1A Fail To Notify Replacing The Chassis By Another 25
Section 167 Improper Right Turn - No Intersection 25
Section 183.8 Ride Cycle Without Brakes 25
Section 185.2 Drive Past Railway Crossing Gate 25
Section 150.2 Slow Vehicle Not On Right 24
Section 186.B Disobey Stop Sign With Crosswalk 24
Section 204.1 Depositing Articles On Highway 23
Section 21.7 Fail To Produce Out Of Province Registration 23
Section 46 Misuse Of Demonstration Plates 22
Section 157.1A Fail To Pass At Safe Distance 21
Section 179.3 Pass Vehicle Yielding To Pedestrian 21
Section 36.3 No Chauffers Permit 21
Section 189.1B Block Driveway 20
Section 127.2C Pedestrian Must Not Enter Roadway Until Safe 19
Section 165.3 Improper Turn When Traffic Restricted To One Direction 19
Section 183.6B Ride Cycle Without A Red Reflector 19
Section 15.1D Fail To Notify Vehicle Change 18
Section 25.1 Applicant For Dl Must Sign Application/Complete/Deliver Form 18
Section 154 Fail To Keep Right When Meeting On Coming Vehicle 17
Section 180 Pedestrian Fail To Yield To Vehicle 17
Section 189.1C Park In Intersection 17
Section 219.3 Vehicle Or Trailer Not Properly Equipped 17
Section 121 Drive Maintence/Construction Vehicle With No Regards Safety 16
Section 185.1A Fail To Stop/Rr Cross/Electrical/Mechanical Warning Device 15
Section 189.1L Double Parking 15
Section 203.1 Open Door While Unsafe 15
Section 207.2 Fail To Carry Required Warning Devices 15
Section 85 Allow Unlicenced Minor To Drive 15
Section 25.5 Dual Driver's Licences 14
Section 125.11 Fail To Stop At An Inoperative Traffic Control Device 11
Section 183.2E Fail To Keep At Least One Hand On Handlebars 10
Section 37.1 Employ Unlicenced Driver 10
Section 21.7E Fail To Register Out Of Province Vehicle 9
Section 128.2A Yellow Light - No Intersection 8
Section 130.2B Fail To Yield - Yellow Arrow - Pedestrian 8
Section 150.3 Fail To Keep Right Of Rotary - Traffic Island 8
Section 164.1 Enter Controlled Access Highway 8
Section 185.5C Driver Must Not Stop With Part Of Vehicle On/Over Tracks 8
Section 189.1G Park Near Traffic Control Device 8
Section 36.1 Fail To Produce Chauffeurs Permit 8
Section 146.11 Speed On Municipal Lane 7
Section 151.G Slow Moving In Wrong Lane 7
Section 157.2B Increase Speed While Being Passed 7
Section 183.17 Cyclist Fails To Use Hand Signals 7
Section 24.2 No Driver Licence/Drive Contrary To Class 7
Section 45.1 Driving Demo Vehicle - No Consent 7
Section 83.2 Liability Of Owner For Contravention Of Act 7
Section 95.1A Drive While Prohibited 7
Section 130.1A Fail To Yield/Disobey Green Arrow 6
Section 154.1 Fail To Keep Right When Meeting On Coming Vehicle 6
Section 170.3 Fail To Signal Stop Or Decrease In Speed 6
Section 172.2 No Proper Signalling Equipment For Right Hand Drive Vehicle 6
Section 182.2 Fail To Walk On Left Of Roadway; Facing Traffic 6
Section 185.3B Fail To Stop At Railway Crossing 6
Section 191.2B Parked Vehicle Wheels Not Turned To Curb To Avoid Runaway 6
Section 195.2 Obstruct Driver 6
Section 207.3 Fail To Use Warning Devices 6
Section 169.1 Fail To Yield To Transit Bus 5
Section 179.4 Disobey School Guard/Disobey School Patrol 5
Section 183.2F Fail To Ride On Seat 5
Section 183.6A Ride Cycle Without Lighted Lamp Mounted On The Front 5
Section 189.1F Park Near Crosswalk 5
Section 189.1O Park-Obstruct Visibilty Of Traffic Sign 5
Section 194.1 Operate Motorcycle Not On Seat 5
Section 194.4A Permit Passenger Under 16 To Be Unlawfully Seated 5
Section 198 Follow Fire Truck Too Closely Or Park Near Fire Truck 5
Section 153.1 Drive/Operate/Stand/Park Mv On Designated Use Highway 4
Section 183.9C Cyclist - Fail To Supply Particulars 4
Section 189.11 Park Near Railway Crossing 4
Section 189.1E Park On Crosswalk 4
Section 194.2A Improperly Seated Passenger On Motorcycle 4
Section 21.7A Fail To Register Motor Vehicle After Period Of Exemption 4
Section 31.2 Fail To Notify Change Of Name 4
Section 16.1 Fail To Apply For A New Vehicle Identification Number 3
Section 171.2 Drive Vehicle Without Signal Devices 3
Section 175.1A Fail To Yield After Stop 3
Section 183.5 Ride While Attached To Vehicle 3
Section 183.9A Cyclist - Fail To Remain At Accident 3
Section 185.1B Fail To Stop At Rr Crossing For Gate Or Flagger 3
Section 189.1M Park On Bridge Or In Tunnel 3
Section 194.2B Motorcycle Passenger Not Lawfully Seated 3
Section 194.4B Permit Passenger Under 16 To Ride Without Required Helmet 3
Section 206.3 Transport Explosives With Less Than 2 Extinguishers 3
Section 21.2B Fail To Register Vehicle Within 30 Days 3
Section 21.7A2 Fail To Register Out Of Province Mv After 30 Days 3
Section 44.3 Misuse Of Repair Plate 3
Section 45.4 Fail To Produce Consent To Officer Demo Licence 3
Section 131.3A Yellow Flashing Light At Intersection 2
Section 131.4A Yellow Flashing Light - No Intersection 2
Section 131.5A Fail To Yield At Green Flashing Light 2
Section 132.1 Walk Sign Pedestrian/Right Of Way Over All Vehicles 2
Section 137 Unlawful Alteration/Removal Of Traffic Control Device 2
Section 143 Drive Over Newly Painted Lines 2
Section 183.2D Ride Cycle Abreast Of Another Person Operating Cycle 2
Section 183.6C Ride Cycle W/O Lighted Red Lamp Mounted At Rear 2
Section 199 Drive Over Fire Hose 2
Section 203.2 Leave Door Open/Side Moving Traffic Longer Than Necessary 2
Section 204.3 Deposit Rocks Or Dirt On Highway 2
Section 100.1 Failing To Stop For Peace Officer 1
Section 100.2 Person Commits Offence Fails To Stop For Peace Officer 1
Section 106 Proof Of Financial Responsibility By A Certificate 1
Section 128.2B Pedestrian Disobey Traffic Control Device 1
Section 135.1 Obstruct/Interfere With Speed Device/Traffic Light Safety 1
Section 183.1 Cyclist Has Same Duties As Vehicle 1
Section 183.2G Carry More Passengers Then Designed/Equipped For 1
Section 189.1H Park By Exit 1
Section 189.1J11 Park On Highway For Advertising Purposes 1
Section 194.9 Obstruct A Peace Officer 1
Section 197 Coasting Down Grade Illegally 1
Section 212.12 Operator Fails Fill Out Form Properly/Fully/Correctly & Rtrn 1
Section 238.1 Fail To Comply With Operating Requirements For Business Vehicle 1
Section 44.1 Misuse Of Repair Plate 1
Section 47.2 Operate Vehicle Without Pollution Control Device 1
Section 57.2 Fail To Surrender Plates/Buy,Sell,Dismantle,Breakup Vehicle 1
Total 440,000


Type of Violation Number Percent of Total
Speed Related Charges 169,914 38.62
Use of Electronic Device Related Charges 38,510 8.75
Impaired Driving Related Charges 22,083 5.02
Restraint Related Charges (Occupant Aged 6 or Older) 21,629 4.92
Cyclist Specific Charges 2,063 0.47
Pedestrian Specific Charges 1,512 0.34
Motorcycle Specific Charges 161 0.04


Rounding was applied to the data by ICBC which also warns that the data was provided for general information only and should not be viewed as a formally validated report.


Kinda scary ...

... 40,000 tickets for violating a red light!

Presumably, the majority of those will have been issued by red light cameras? As much as I hate photo radar, I would be happy if every traffic light controlled intersection had them. Happier still if they ran them all 24/7. Positively ecstatic if driver nomination was mandatory!

Meanwhile, thanks for the updated stats. 


Wow, quite an eye opener.  

Now policing has yet another burden added to the mix - legalizing drugs.  Our police are under resourced and can not meet the demand for enforcement, yet the drug user population supports another form of impairment.  I am deeply opposed to this legalization and dread it’s poor outcome. We already have pot heads driving while impaired but with it being a criminal offence, the “risk” takers were few and far between and manageable.  I believe this Gov’t has ignored all the expert consultations on this subject and failed to preserve and protect ALL Canadians. I dread the results and do not look forward to saying.... told you so.

I know right!

Can't wait for it to be legalized so we can all get hopped up on legal reefer madness and stand at stop signs waiting for them to turn green for hours!!! This law will open the flood gates like you wouldn't believe it, the changes will be cardinal, noticeable and undoubtedly will bring complete madness to the roads. I can see it now: bodies piled up 3 meters high by the side of the highway on the day of legalization because everyone will be driving so so stoned. Bus drivers, cops, ambulances, regular folk... (We know firefighters and truckers only do speed&meth).

End /sarcasm

Laws do not shape the society, its the other way around - laws are a reflection of the commonly accepted principles and practices. Weed is only getting "legalized" because a significant portion of the population already does it. So significant - that the legalization (read decriminalization) was a Federal Election issue, which the majority voted in favour of. Its not currently legal to drive high, but people do it already. Its not becoming legal to drive high - in-fact the MVA and the Criminal Code are being omitted to provide powers to RCMP/Police to enforce drug impairment in administrative context - just like the IRP scheme for alcohol; which changes the way Police are required to investigate and charge people for impaired driving. It will be much easier for Police to remove suspected stoned drivers from public roads, and keeping them off the road immediately - as opposed to the way things are now.  There will not be any significant or noticeable changes on the roads in-connection with "legalization". It will be just another day.


It would appear that all the pot head advocates claim the percentage of pot heads are small, their guess is somewhere around 10% of the population, so hows does that percentage become the majority who voted in favour?  To suggest the non-drug user made up the majority would be an erroneous deduction. It certainly was a political ‘promise’ which influenced all the drug users to wonder from that stop sign (waiting for it to change) and go vote for a PM on that promise alone, but that did not amount to majority who oppose.  Your advocacy and support to legalize drug use equates to everyone else is doing it.... it reminds me of my parents admonishment when I “followed” someone else’s wrong doing, they would ask me, “well, if someone jumps off the bridge, do you follow?”  Didn’t take me long to stop being a “follower” and start being independent from the people who don’t do the right thing.

All the rhetoric from the drug users will never justify the use of drugs.  If you need drugs (or alcohol) to have a good time, then your life sucks but mine shouldn’t suffer.  We are raising our young impressionable Canadians with the message that drugs are legal and OK.  It’s not OK.  Bad parenting is an epidemic, legalizing drug use doesn’t promote a healthy individual. When they see Mom and Dad and their friends freely doing drugs, then what message do you send?  Doesn’t excuse that they do it now, it only enforces the teaching to do the RIGHT thing..... do no promote drugs!  Period

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