Disputing the Penalty

Ticket WriterI don't like that cop's attitude. I'm going to dispute this ticket! It might seem to be the right thing to do, but when you arrive in traffic court, you will find that the justice isn't interested in hearing about it.

The response will be something similar to "the court isn't interested in how you think the officer should have behaved. If you have a problem with the officer you will need to take it up with their supervisor or the Police Complaints Commission." The court is there to hear evidence about the violation from both sides and make a determination of guilt based on the evidence, not the attitude.

Rather than make your dispute based on your emotional response to the encounter, you really should determine if there is a legal reason to make your dispute. Did you do what the ticket says you did, or is the ticket defective in a manner that will result it the case being dismissed?

If you did what the ticket says you did, and it is completed properly, then what you may wish to do instead of disputing the allegation is to dispute the penalty. This can be done by attending court in person, or by making a written submission instead of appearing personally. The written submission can be completed and submitted to the court registry or Driver Service Center within 30 days of receiving the ticket.

The justice will review your reasons and may choose to reduce the penalty or leave the penalty the same. It cannot be increased, but you will lose the opportunity of the discount for early payment.


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